Monday June 14th 2021: JJ McCartney’s Monday Rundown catches you up with everything you might have missed over the weekend- PLUS an added bonus!

JJ McCartney is LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET with the Monday Rundown. Today we’ll talk about the coup in Israel that has “removed” Bibi Netanyahu from the Prime Minister’s chair.

Just as the enemies of America conspired to remove Donald Trump from the White House, the same forces conspired to oust Netanyahu.

But many across the blogosphere and social networks are panicked and trembling in fear for Israel. To them I say “let not your heart be troubled”.

The truth is a lot of dreadful stuff is happening in the world today, and Jesus told us it would be thus. In fact, He warned us to keep our eyes on the heavens, for our redemption draweth nigh.

Now, we are not sooth-sayers or phony psychics. We simply believe the Word of God. As such, we are not going to cower in fear when times become tumultuous.

Elsewhere in the news, comparing notes with fellow patriots, did you hear that the man who broke the story of the meeting on the tarmac between former president Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Arizona has, according to media reports, committed suicide. The Clinton body count grows larger every year.

in Georgia, a major election official admits major problems with “chain of custody” regarding countless thousands of ballots from the November general election. The pieces are starting to fall off of the phony election result. and there are many many more major pieces of evidence to be brought to light very soon.

Admit it, America, it was all a coup. Covid, Lockdowns, Shutdowns, and massive corporate collusion between media, the political left and the globalists, communists and opportunist oligarchs. The November 2020 election was not legitimate, and the proof is now in plain sight. Mike Lindell has released a video which presents the EVIDENCE and every American needs to understand what this really means,

It means our nation has been seized by very evil people, who have no legitimate claim to any position of authority over us.

It’s time now to demand our election was a sham, and it is time to seize back power by whatever means is necessary to protect Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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