Monday June 1st, 2020: JJ’s plea to American Christian Patriots

from May 31 2020:

A Christian Patriot’s appeal for our nation by JJ McCartney

There comes a time when good people must form a pact with one another to answer a call to prevail over great evil in our midst.

For far too long, Americans have tolerated evils in our nation because Human nature tends to tolerate gradual encroachments out of courtesy and a fear of being seen as reactionary or overly intolerant.

Can we all agree now that the encroachments upon our civil society have now reached the point where pacifist tolerance has been pushed beyond its limits?

For the sake of future generations and the young people in our nation now who are seeing the unraveling of a fragile peace in America’s urban corridors, we are the generation which MUST restore ORDER and we must insist that the instigators of such unrest be held to account for their crimes against the nation, their local communities and states which have robbed countless people of their livelihoods, businesses, homes and security.

The terrorism perpetrated on cities in the United States in the past six days is an absolute scourge on America, and it must be met with resolve, and with force.

In our nation, under our Constitution, crime and punishment is a matter of individual accountability. The criminal acts of any individual are the responsibility of the individual. The crimes committed by 1 police officer(or even four police officers) are the responsibility of those individuals committing those crimes.

There is no justification for anybody attempting to demolish, terrorize and hold hostage the fabric of a civil society.

Savage behavior on the part of organized terrorist groups like Antifa need to be treated with the same type of force we exerted on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, since Antifa only exists as a terrorist tool of the Democrat party and those to the left of the Democrats.

Watching lawless hordes in places like Salt Lake City attacking Police vehicles and behaving in what I can only describe as demonically, it is clear to me that we are witnessing evil spreading like wildfire.

Evil must never be allowed to triumph. Yet people who claim to be people of faith sit on their hands and seem to tremble in fear. Could it be that the people of faith as a whole are not nearly as in touch with God as they have led themselves to think?

What seems clear to me now is that urban America has become a modern-day Babylon. These areas have become hives of evil and villany. Concentrated pockets of criminals laying in wait, looking for any excuse to engage in mass-lawlessness and mass-larceny disguised as racial outrage.

The fact that groups like Antifa are allowed to exist in America demonstrates the degree to which Americans have tolerated evil for too long.

The fact that Barack Obama and his criminal administration is not already seeing the world from behind the bars of prison cells indicates that Americans have failed to be vigilant and diligent in holding criminals accountable for their crimes against our republic, our Constitution and our way of life.

After months of unconstitutional lockdowns, the citizenry has seen a vivid display of how eager leftists are to assume authoritarian, totalitarian control over beleaguered people being bombarded with misinformation and disinformation, conditioned to comply for the sake of the peace.

As we look at the smoldering landscapes of urban America, the time has come for real action on the part of our patriots. Local militias are necessary to serve as guardians of our neighborhoods. Deadly force is necessary to dissuade the sociopathic behavior of the criminal hordes who have been laying waste to local communities.

If these people threaten your home, your family, your block, you are absolutely permitted by the Constitution to defend your home from these threats.

As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, we try very hard to be people of compassion, love and patience. But we must never surrender to evil people when our backs are against the wall. It is more important than ever that true people of Christ stand together in our faith, in our resolve and our recognition of the moral absolutes upon which we must always stand firmly.

But we must never be marshmallows. We must be warriors. We must rise up to evil when it tries to pay us a visit. We must refer to Ephesians chapter 6 when we are preparing to make our stand.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but MIGHTY to the pulling down of strongholds(of evil).

Warriors must TRAIN for the battle. Spiritually we must become disciplined warriors by living righteous lives. We must live in victory over sin. Jesus said ‘if you love Me, keep my commandments’.

If America is to survive, our Christian Patriots MUST stand together in prayer, in righteousness and in devotion to being the defenders of law and order as designed in ouir founding documents.

If we fail to do this, we risk permanent decline, descending into a land ruled wholly by evil.

If the millions of true Christian Patriots ever get together, God, please let that time be now!

And let us be trained for the battle at hand. Let us not be lazy and assume someone else will fight the battle on our behalf.

And if we die in the battle, it only hastens our victory, for as Paul said: To live is Christ, and to die is GAIN!

Every Christian, of every color, should be appalled by the lawlessness and evil being unleashed across America’s cities. We should all be in prayer for our people.

Peace without victory is short-lived. Victory without righteousness is an illusion. Life without Christ is hopeless. Death without Christ is permanent.

America without Christ is doomed to fail.

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