Monday June 25th 2018: “tolerant” left bullies Sarah Sanders, storms home of Homeland Security director

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Today JJ will comment on the hyposrites on the left who demonstrate absolute hatred, vitriol and intolerant bullying of people with whom they disagree politically.

But now it has taken a far uglier turn. Uglier, because leftists are now stalking, threatening, storming homes of, and rioting and screaming for more violence against people whose only offense is being conservative, patriotic and supportive of the President of the United States.

The most ridiculous of the mob, Maxine Waters of California is asking for more and more of these lunatic mobs to threaten, intimidate and harass conservatives and supporters of the President. Waters is truly among the stupuidest people to ever hold elective office, even from the state of California, the mental midget capitol of the world.

Hi! I’m Maxine Waters, and I am one totally insane socialist COW!

It is one thing to politically disagree. it is quite another to openly call for the kind of bullying tact5ics she is supporting and calling for more of, while having the blasphemous audacity to claim that God is on her side.

The intolerance of the left is revealing the true nature of these malcontents. And it reveals them as far more dangerous and violent than the media is portraying them.

My fear is that they will push someone toof far in the near future, and then things will go from bullying to deadly. So substantive is the hatred coming from the left that it is bound to result in deaths. When a mental psychopath like Maxine Waters dog-whistles her unruly mobs by calling on them to riot more, the culpability for that violence is squarely on her.

And the first time a conservative, fearing for their life and the lives of their families chooses to defend themselves with deadly force, the lying media and lying leftists will claim that it was an act of bigotry and/or racism/homophobia or an extremist hate-crime.

If you want to see fascism, hate-crimes and acts of extreme intolerance and hate, just ask Steve Scalise, or any of the survivors of the Las Vegas shooting, or victims of the Florida school shooting, and they will tell you that they were shot by a madman with direct political ties to the left-wing extremists known as today’s Democrat political party.

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