Monday March 12th 2018: Flat-Earthers INSIST on Square Wheels!

Usually we feature current events and breaking news. But here is something most of us are already aware of, but every once in a while we need a reminder: The Internet can at times be filled with crazy-sounding information, or crazy ideas which sadly take root in the minds of otherwise sensible-sounding people.

And I stumbled across one such specimen last night, while surfing YouTube’s recommended videos list.

It happened as I noticed a video labeled “The World First Flat Earth Engineer Unseen Discovery”. It’s a 28-minute essay by a self-described “Structural Engineer”.

It began as a fellow explaining that he had always written ff the “Flat-earth” crowd and their ideas. Then he strays into explaining why he now has all these questions regarding how a plane coul;d fly at altitude without having to constantly point the plane’s nose down to account for the curvature of the Earth. Then he explained that at the Equator the planet is moving at approximately 1,000 miles per hour, and that speed, he says, would give a jet taking off from the equator flying in an easterly direction would have an “actual velocity” of whatever their airspeed is, added to the earth’s 1,000 Mile-per-hour velocity.

That was when he began to lose me altogether.

I will share with you the manner with which I debunked his mistaken assumptions, perspective and lack of taking the laws of physics into account when developing his theory.

Plus, Ambassador John Bolton says Kim Jong Un is trying to buy time to complete Nuke program. We’ll share the details.

And America’s children are battling Obesity younger and younger. Childhood Obesity, the number one health issue in the United States. Why every parent needs to hear this story!

Plus how we can fight back against the Twitter/Google/Facebook digital

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