Monday March 22nd 2021 JJ McCartney LIVE Monday Rundown 3-5pm ET

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While the bumbling government tries to compel people to submit to their bogus authority, we’ll explain whyu the MRNA shot is NOT a vaccine, ,bvut is in truth a whole new set of diseases disguised as an innoculation.

Would you trust your life to THIS MAGGOT?

It’s obvious that the left is trying to control people by pushing this dangerous “vaccine” on people who are not sick, and very likely have already built up a natural; immunity to the China virus. So now they are trying to use media and social media as a way to shame people into taking a shot that has caused many deaths in otherwise healthy people.

Oh, sure, they will flag us as merchants of disinformation, but who is flagging THEM as the masters of fakery and quackery they are!!!

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