Monday March 30th 2020: MSM carrying China’s water, LYING for China as millions die!

As many thousand die each day, China lies about the plight of her people due to Coronavirus.

One of our most trusted resources shares this alarming message regarding China’s lies:

My considerable contacts all across China report how awful things have gotten in particular regions. Whatever you are hearing about the Coronovirus in China is understated considerably. The bodies are piling up and the military have been called in to many of the major centres where the majority of people live in apartment blocks.

This has become a national disaster of biblical proportions for the Chinese people. The leadership of course are more worried about the international perception of weakness and are covering up rope-a-dope style as best they can……it isn’t working.

If you are not taking this very seriously, change your reaction, the life of your family and loved ones is very much at risk. What is happening in China could be the fate of America without Gods intervention. Protect yourself and pray

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