Monday March 5th 2018 Fukushima update, plus DEFENDING Alex Jones!

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: DEFENDING Alex Jones, as CNN(supposedly a news channel of some sort which nobody watches), has decided instead of being a news repoorting organization to instead go on the attack, against Infowars and Alex Jones. They have gone so far as to contact advertisers on Alex Jones’s YouTube channel, to call for them to pull their adds off Alex’s channel.

How is this in any way serving the interest of news, credibility or fair play?

CNN is the laughing-stock of cable news. And yet their BOD and corporate mucky-mucks condone of this kind of petty campaign against a guy who simply sees things differently than they do?

When people dare to question the narrative of the government, the mainstream media or countless leftists in media, they are suddenly accused of being conspiracy theorists, or some other brand of “nut” which suggests to me that Alex Jones is telling truth and that is what upsets CNN. Because there is no compromising between the two ideologies.

I am speaking out in support of A;lex Jones, a guy I have never met personally, but a guy who, regardless of his theatrical style, is willing to swim against the current, and as he exposes the lame-stream media for the phonies and frauds they are, and the manner with which they try to influence and sway their tiny audience, they devote more resources to undermining a competitor than they do on researching stories, telling truth, and respecting the intelligence of the American people who elected Donald Trump.

CNN is a discredited last-place news network. And the fact that they are trying to shame advertisers into pulling ads off Alex Jones’s YouTube channel says a lot more about CNN than it does anybody else.

I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Alex Jones. He has a right to his point of view, and if his audience is large enough, any advertiser should market to that audience, and tell CNN to go do what they do best…suck hind teat!!

The Monday Rundown: Fukushima +7 years=Pacific Ocean in crisis, Food Chain compromised in world’s largest ocean, Japanese people in grave danger, as are peoples of the Pacific reliant on fisheries for livelihoods, and residents of Pacific Rim coastal areas face ever-increasing radiation levels.

Today we’ll take a look at what has occurred in Japan’s Fukushima Dai’ichi nuclear power plant, how lethal the situation is, and why the news media has deliberately understated the risks to humans and animals and the ecosystems of the Pacific.

And we’ll dig deep into the many unforgivable mistakes the people of TEPCO and General Electric made from the outset regarding the flawed design of the plant, and many others just like it around the world.

We’ll also talk about the formulaic nature of the Florida school shooting, and as to the Shefiff’s department deputy refusing to go into the school to confront the shooter, some bothersome news: The Sheriff in question…is… a MUSLIM!

When you do the math, several things about the tragedy do not add up. We’ll work on that arithmetic and take YOUR calls too!

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