Monday May 21st 2018 Hawaii’s Kilauea Headache, plus “Inconvenient Facts” author Gregory Writestone

Kilauea, on the Big Island of Hawaii:

Evacuations expand as Lava flows reach ocean water, producing “Laze” effect,  toxic to breathe.

Authorities on the Big  Island of Hawaii are closely watching to see what will happen next as Kilauea continues to erupt, with newly formed fissures merging over the weekend into a quite dynamic flow and some amazing pictures of this live volcano showing spectators how the Hawaiian islands formed, and how dangerous the volcanoes on the big island can be.

Many homes have been consumed by the flow of lava, and as the lava reaches the water, dangerous Sulfur Dioxide gas with tiny glass shards pose a toxic risk to nearby islanders.

Plus, tyoday we welcome autyhor Gregory Writestone, whose new book is “Inconvenient Facyts: The Science Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know.

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