Monday November 12th: Trump is absolutely right. The lying, lecherous media is, indeed, the absolute enemy of the people. And the enemy is in full attack mode.

OK this is for the snowflakes out there quivering in your hideout waiting for the sky to fall:

First of all, the races in Florida. If you are old enough to remember how Broward County tried to pull the same crap in 2000 in the Presidential race. The fraud and cheating is rampant in the Democrat party. But there are solid moral and legal reasons to believe that the efforts of the election officials in south Florida will not prevail.

As for Arizona, this is the Democrats trying to resuscitate the corpse of John McCain in the person of Kyrsten Sinema. They’ve declared victory.

In Florida, with 100 percent of the votes tallied, Rick Scott holds a 14,000 vote edge over incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. The fact that this is still being hashed out demonstrates how deep the corruption in Southern Florida really is.

But it all reflects something else, far more significant in terms of where the divides exist in America politically, and why we, the conservatives, must never stop fighting to protect our big, beautiful country from the true enemies of  all we hold dear, from our freedom, moral absolutes, and right to own property and guns, to our freedom to worship as we always have, and to hold to the truths evident in God’s nature, creation and in the hearts of His children.

Are you awake? Are you willing to make a stand? Are you ready to fight to turn more of America’s heartland crimson-red???

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