Monday November 25th 2019: The approaching Storm: Why being prepared is essential RIGHT NOW!

As the world continues to ignore God’s word, the times are becoming much more volatile. This is true around the globe. Here in the United States, in spite of underlying economic concerns, the markets have held together better than many expected.

But as the globalist forces and leftists have worked at every turn to undermine the economy and the President, at some point, they will attempt to wreck and pillage the American economy in an effort to dispirit the American people.

And as the storm clouds gather, it is more important than ever that God’s people get ready now.

Plus the latest on the firing of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer is driving more tentacles in terms of misconduct and controversy leading back to the Obama/Clinton Benghazi mess and more.

And we’ll talk with Sue from Mountain View Off-grid Living about the preps you need to be making right now!

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