Monday November 26th 2018 Monday LIVE with Pastor Carl Gallups + the latest news.

OK, kids. GOOD news! Due to COINCIDENCE, we WILL be having our regular Monday show today with my special guest, Pastor and bestselling author Carl Galluos will be with us to discuss the many things that have happened since we last visited. It’s the last week of Nopvember, and a lot of peiople are hurting right now.
From our brothers and sisters in California to so many others whp are struggling this time of year.
And we are seeing rising tensions around the world. Most recently, the Russians fired on two Ukrainian ships, and seized them.
But we also focus on the positives. As the border tension heats up, regarding the latest illegal caravan of illegal aliens, we await the response from the President and Border Patrol, with the help of military.
And the latest trend on YouTube, and why it isn’t genuine.
Plus more headaches for Zuckerburg’s future at Facebook.
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