Monday October 21st 2019 The Monday Rundown LIVE featuring RINO Globalist Mitt Romney

Yes, Mitt Romney is the RINO globalist of the year. His personal resentment of Donald Trump ius such that he now openly speculates he might vote for impeachment of President Trump, in spite of the lack of evidence or grounds for such an outrageous action.

Mitt Romney is a self-serving gasbag. He had his one shot at becoming president and blew it like few before him. And so he is a jealous fool. Pay him no attention, unless you are a voter in Utah, where you should lead the charge to recall his sorry butt.

In other “news”, mainstream media ratings in freefall as CBS’s O’Donnell tanks big-time.

Plus, more fake polls from the Fake News implying Trump losing ground, but don’t believe it for one second!

Mexican cartel defeated Mexican military in battle: South of the border, the Mexican state is disintegrating. Thank the american Democrats for arming the cartels so well.

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