Monday October 22nd: The Monday Rundown, the fight to secure our borders.

It isn’t every day that we have the chance to be eyewitnesses to the kind of history being made in the next couple weeks.

After so much political creap has been thrown in front of the American voters, it could be easy for some to get disgusted with our politics, but I implore all of you to hear me out and understand what the political left is trying to do to our nation. They are trying to dismantle our democratic republic by any means necessary, and we must not let them succeed in any way.

George Soros and Barack Obama are the chief perpetrators of the sm0ke-and-mirrors effort to deceive, cloud and muddy the waters, and steal away our nation’s most fundamental means of self-determination.

Sovereignty is on the ballot on November 6th, and each o0f us must be sober and vigilant in not only voting, but in adding your voice to the many who recognize the absolute INSANITY of the Democrats,  and how they intend to inflict great harm on our nation.

If you think this isn’t your fight, you are very wrong. Citizenship comes with responsibility. America,m as flawed as it is, is still the best nation on earth to be free. And we must all defend our freedoms, liberties and yes, responsibilities.

Democrats are planning some very crazy thngs if they retake the house and senate.

America’s sovereignty and Constitutionally protected freedoms and rights are never more than one election away from ruin.

Please, VOTE and STAND UP against the EVIL Democrats.

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