Monday October 4th 2021: The problem with being perfect: Expectations!!

Folks, I have given this a lot of thought, and here’s the conundrum:

The PROBLEM with being perfect is that it tends to create very high expectations from everybody! Mercifully, Short Bus Biden and Cackling side-wench Kamala Harris do not suffer from anything as frightful as high expectations. In truth, they do not even suffer from mediocre expectations. In fact, expectations of any kind that would include, hope, optimism or positivity in any form are not falling upon the poser-in-thief and the merry band of crooks, demons and mobsters that “installed” them.

And if you happen to disagree with those mobsters, here is what they do to try and rule by intimidation:

And if that weren’t enough…the American people are now completely rejecting the mobster mentality of the Short-bus Biden brigade:

Hate Crimes make a HUGE comeback in Blue-state strongholds:

Commentary by JJ McCartney:

I had a major revelation today while visiting with one of my doctors:

If people are paying attention to what is going on in the world today, then the likelihood is that they will be suffering some form of depression as a result of conscious thought.

For self-awareness in a dangerous thing in the year 2021. And for anybody who tries to buck the trend in the Beltway, and does their OWN thinking and chooses to stand up against the mobster-style railroading of people with genuine principles, the useful idiots will harass, stalk, and go so far as to hound a woman in the restroom. Talk about triggering depression, performance anxiety and unhealthy choices for people who own digestive systems!

Kyrsten Sinema was harassed in what should be a sanctuary for any American. Instead, she was pursued and harassed for the crime of needing to answer nature’s call.

The irony of this story is that these illegals demanded Sinema take action to give them a pathway to citizenship. They claimed they were the people that got her elected. What a neat little parlor-trick! All you have to do is cross the border illegally, take from the public trough, pay no taxes, and then make demands for citizenship!

Can anybody that has a legitimate citizenship here stand up and be counted among the people who understand that we as citizens have a vested interest in protecting ourselves, our property, our Constitution and our freedom from the thievery that has been institutionalized into the Democrat party, or should we go ahead and call that the National People’s Democrat Socialist American 4th-Reich?

As a life-long American citizen, what rights do I have any more that the left is not willing to supersede in deference to diseased, uneducated lawbreakers whop get ushered into our country through a very politically organized scheme of human trafficking and which is a clear attempt to re-draw the political map in states like Texas, Arizona, new Mexico, and the rest of the American west and south.

Eventually, it will arrive on your doorstep. The 4th-Reich uses covetousness and greed as a carrot-and-stick to get illegals into the country. How it impacts legal Americans? They truly do not care. Their philosophy is that the end(political control) justifies the means.

And their agenda items are simple: dissolve the First Amendment by allowing social media titans to de-platform, shadow-ban and discriminate against reason, logic and TRUTH. The narrative is their god. and if you do not bow doen to their god, they will zero in on your freedoms next.

There are some people thinking it’s high time for the return of Frontier Justice. An eye for an eye. Of course to have ANY kind of justice, you need uprightness among the people of the land. Moral standards. Rules. Laws. Respect. And you cannot have any of that without demanding that those standards be effectively enforced.

When was the last time any political entity inside the Capitol spoken of such things?

In the days of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and such great minds as William F. Buckley, moral uprightness was an unwritten expectation of the peoples of this country.

But something very evil, demonic and insipid has spoiled the water table of American morality.

The enemy is at the gate, and doesn’t think any of us will fight back when he tries to force it open.

So what happens now? That depends on you, me, and everybody else.

How much longer will this go on before the salvos fly?

Stay Tuned.

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