Monday October 8th 2018: Justice is Served! The Monday Rundown

It’s Columbus Day! You know what that means, right? Yes, all of your friends who have REAL jobs are working today. The government and the banks? Not so much.

But that’s okay, because we have plenty of news to share today, including the aftermath of the swearing in of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United STates, Brett Kavanaugh. Yes, the triggered snowflakes and brown-shirts are pissing and moaning in front of anything that looks remotely liuke a camera!

And yet, our senators managed to pull themselves together enough to override the ridiculous noise and outlandish accustions and conform Kavanaugh to fill out the vacancy created when justice Kennedy retired.

And of course the media is beside itself bellyac hing about how we could be so heartless as to not believe a radical left-wing activist like Christine Blasey-Ford, a pro-abortion activist and owner of a considerable stake in the morning-after abortion pill RU486 when she claimed that she was assaulted 35 or 36 years ago at a place she cannot recall, and she cannot remember how she got there, nor how she got home, with no e vidence, and naming 4 witnesses, who when asked on the record under penalty of felony, swore they had no recollection whatsoever of any such event.

So without any eviudence, a flaky, radiucal leftist makes up a story at the 11th  hour, just as Kavanaugh was named to replace Justice Kennedy. It wouldn’t have mattered who President Trump named, the left would have had someone laying in wait to make similar accusations about whomever it was. This has become the political p-attern of late.

But never before had they come so unglued, and rolled out quite such a nut-job as Blasey-Ford. The democrats lost all credibility and proved once again to be the chronic felons they are, spreading lies and repeating them as if they were gospel, while the Schumers, the Pelosis and the Bookers and the Warrens knew damned good nd well the charge was pure bullshit.

ANd of course the pseudo-intellectuals parroting “now we have to take the accuser and the charges seriously”. No, you had to make a show of acting like you care about women, but in reality your antics hurt the REAL victims of sexual assault. ANy time a false claim like this is examined under the brpoad light of a Senate hearing, it damages the cause for women and girls and yes, men too who have been victims of actyual sex crimes.

And the ;left loves to promote the cultuyre of victimhood. But it’s all bullshit. And it feels surprisingly liberating to say so outloud. So, say it with me…

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