Monday Rundown: Total Media Deception- It’s up to we, the people to put these demonic deceptors to be put out of business

This is the first time in American History where asll of the corporate-owned, globalist media is colluding to take down a duly elected President, based on nothing but false dossiers, false accusations, and personal malice toward Donald Trump.

Ask the American people who is fighting for THEM?

Phony, artificially weighted polls do not tell the story.

The number one concern of the American People is thge nvasion of America by illegal aliens with NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to be here.

The media are a threat to national sovereignty, national security and they are the sworn enemy of the TRUTH.


It falls then to we, the people, to put these media outlets out of business. The consumer must be very discriminant in where they get their news information, and always be skeptical. Do your own research and your own thinking.

It’s 2019, and the enemies of America, that exceptional nation, have stepped up their attacks on the President, on our Democratic Republic, and on our ability to defend our borders and our sovereignty from the evil globalist destroyers.

JJ McCartney, age 18(the guy in the tie), with his siblings, Billy, Timmy and Cindy

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