Monday September 10th 2018: Recalling 9/11 and events spawned onn that horrific day. Why it matters now more thanever.

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as we reflect on 9/11 and the importnce of remembering what “they” did to “us” on that tragic and evil day.

Never forget

As we look back, we will open the conversation ab0ut what 9/11 means, and who and what was behind the destruction of the most iconic ;art of the New York skyline.

We’ll follow the facts,m the money, and the observable science behind the first ever collapse of steel-framed skyscrapers caused by “fires” according to the 9/11 commission and NIST.

Plus, 17 years later, is America safer now than it was on 9/11? If not, WHY NOT?

Was 9/11 an “inside job”? If it was, who made it happen? Once agaoin, we will follow where the science and logic take us.

Join us for a fascinating and complex line of questions and you can help us determine whether we can trust our government, and if not, what is your main concern in the year 2018 and beyond?

Plus the collusion between the mainstream media and the unhinged Democrats.

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