Monday September 24th 2018 The Monday Rundown BOMBSHELL: Rosenstein OUT? Deep State conspiracy to take down Trump entering it’s death-throes?

As with the old-school journalists of yesteryear, it has been my historical observation that every huge news story starts with one courageous reporter asking the right questions, and then like a bloodhound, once they find a scent of a stpory, they pursue it with dogged determination until the target has been found, or the hound loses the scent.

The fate of Rod Rosenstainn appears to be approaching him like a massive sand-stormk, about to swallow him up whole. When the New York Times, of all media entities, gets a scoop that incriminates a snake in the grass like Rosenstein, you know the cause of the Deep State is about to suffer a horrible setback. And when Rosenstein was quoted as statring that he was going to engineer a coup, 25th-amendment-style, suddenly the blinders were dropped just long enough for many in and out of the media to get a clear glimpse of what Rosenstein and the holdovers in the Justice Department were up to, suddenly it became just a matter of time before Rosenstein is going to find dozens of knives in his back, as the rest of the conspurators dash for the exits.

There is supposed to be a meeting Thursday at the White House(Where President Donald Trump lives and works) between the President and Rod Rosenstein. Chances are, the meeting will be recorded for the sake of history.

The questionn now is: Will Rosenstein resign, quit, be fired, or be arrested for sedition? Or will he act as though absolutely nothing has happened in the last week?

The speculation is turning into prognostication. It seems very unlikely that Attorney General Sessions can simply ignore the latest revelations, where Rosenstein is concerned. If Sessions fails to take command of the Rosenstein situation, then it is likely he has told Rosenstein the time has come for him to fall on his sword, and exit stage-left before people with warrants, subpoenas and handcuffs pay him a visit.

And if Rosenstein is ousted for cause, one way or another, then it stands to reason that the Mueller investigation will begin folding up their tenjt as well. The spectacle of the Mueller probe needs to come to a close. There is absolutely no actionable evidence incriminating the President or his Campaign. If there were, it certainly would have been produced long ago. The probbe now is just a tool being used to try to prop up a pathetic democrat party that has no ideas, and no idea what to do with themselves(except turn even harder to the left and rely on the media to cloud the waters.

But mark myt words, by the end of Sepotembver, the Rosenstein spectacle will come to some kind of conclusion. If not, count on an expression by the voters in November as to whether they are ready to move on and leave the Mueller probe in the dustbin of history as a failed attempt at a bloodless coup.

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