Moving Forward: JJ renews as we recover from the stress of Covid Generation

What would you think if I told you that the past 7 years have taken a toll on me physically? Of course, as I age, I realize how much the simple passing of time causes the box I live in to shrink a bit.

The truth is that spending thousands of hours siting and talking into a microphone is nothing new to me. But carrying the weight of the conversation, focusing on the news of the world has been far more of a task than most people realize.

The weight of the serious issues we face as a civilization are weaponized by our enemies. They are honed and sharpened to try and demoralize people of faith and moral resolve.

Initially, when I reached a physical tipping point I simply decided to pull the plug. Mainly because the political left has become so radicalized that they no longer tolerate the conservative Christian viewpoint.

The intolerant liberals have teamed now with social media giants Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram to de-platform the conservatives. They have also teamed with Antifa and BLM to terrorize anybody who doesn’t dance to their narratives.

In the past few years, the terrorists have conspired to attack all conservatives in media and chase them away with obscenities, threats, doxxing and other means of terrorizing peaceful conservatives in America.

It has never been this bad in America in my lifetime. And they aim to make it worse.

And when people of reason, conservative beliefs and action stand up to the bullies on the left, including young men who defend themselves and their businesses with legally possessed weapons, the globalists/terrorists attempt to scrub posts of the FACTS.

Kyle (last name redacted) at the age of 17 was attempting to help people when he was assaulted by throngs of BLM thugs. He was attacked and defended himself. He likely would have been killed if he had not defended himself. The media has attempted to tar and feather this young man and paint him as a racist and a right-wing radical.

This left-wing media biased atmosphere has been allowed to metastasize at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Washington Post and other fill-in-the-blank media outlets which have followed the dictates of the globalist-controlled media corporations. THEY created the permanent resistance that has plagued the nation since Trump won in 2016.

The chief obstructionist is the criminal known as Barack Hussein Obama. His crimes are easily proven, yet the media has tried to make him teflon.

The time for push-back is long overdue.

The time for politeness has passed. The time has come to deliver a well-deserved ass-kicking to the snowflake media, their terrorist guns-for-hire, Antifa, and the sham that is BLM.

We chose to fight. We choose to fight on our own terms. Never turning away from our faith, our roots and our Constitution. We do so with no apologies. We are committed to fight this evil in our nation. Calling it evil is not violating anybody’s rights. It is simply simply making clear to them that we know what they are doing, and we will no longer allow these bullies and thugs to bully us.

So we mount an offensive by removing the unwelcome terrorists from the landscape here at and our channels and programs.

And if you have a problem with that, that’s really too bad for you.

We happily engage in discrimination against bad people, against terrorists, against vulgar pond-scum, and against those who seek to do us harm.

Again, we do so with no apologies, and with no obligation to provide equal time to our enemies.

They can go get their own platforms, their own funding, and their own audience. We will not yield in any fashion to these terrorists. Not now. Not ever. We will fight with everything we have. And we will not lose. We will stand upright and vanquish our enemies with TRUTH, FACT, and with steely resolve.

We will be launching a new show very soon. We will call it “The Last Word” with JJ McCartney and friends. This show will not feature calls from listeners. 

It will be filled with interviews, features and news content which we find relevant.

It will also feature a healthy dose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is our foundation, and

we will not stray from it.

SO get ready, because The Last Word starts very soon.