Mueller: Incoherent, uncooperative, obstinate bastard

The Mueller appearance before congress has been a huge waste of time and taxpayer dollars, all as a desperate move on the part of the lunatic left who are pursuing impeachment of the President.

If they were expecting anything substantive, they are now sorely disappointed. Mueller is a political animal who is in the most uncomfortable chair, because his report on the investigation has painted the man into a corner, limiting the tall tales and lies he can tell from the witness chair. If he were to perjure himself, he could be in deep trouble.

The Republicans in Congress did a masterful job shredding Mueller’s credibility, exposing his political biases, and destroying his “reputation” as a straight shooter.

Mueller’s refusal to even admit he didn’t write his own statement to the press expose his personal agenda in a very clear way. The fact that he could not recommend any charges against POTUS or his staff should be all the proof the American people need that Trump is guilty of NO WRONGDOING regarding the 2016 election, Russia or anything else the left imagines to try and impugn the President.

However, the questions about the wrongdoing of Barack Obama, HRC, Jim Comey, John Brennan, or DNI Jim Clapper, and house leadership on the Democrat side are clear to see.

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