November 8th 2017: Celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Trump’s historic victory

It nearly boggles the mind to think that it has been one year since Donald Trump was elected President. The days have been long, difficulty, and have strained civility in America like no year I can recall in my lifetime.

The contentiousness of the lunatic left and the deployment of thuggery funded by George Soros and organized by Barack Obama has led to violence, death, and mayhem which has been set on motion to do one thing: to grind congress to a stand-still with regard to the President’s legislative agenda.

Today JJ will cover many bases, from the news media’s ridiculous ecstasy over democrat states voting democrat. Virginia, where democrats have been in charge for quite some time now, elected a democrat governor. And New York City re-elected Mayor Bill DeBlasio(also known by some of the locals as Mayor de-blah-blah-blah).

Why would these election results strike anybody as a sea-change among the American electorate? Call it once again the left doubling down on their tired old rhetoric. The notion that the voters in Virginia or New York would somehow change stripes is laughable. What’s more, the news media is seeing what they want to see. Rose-colored glasses?

More like crap-colored glasses. Don’t think for one second that things have changed considerably in the past year as far as the political climate is concerned.

The fact is, BOTH major political parties are failing the people completely. President Trump is a populist, and neither party has been welcoming or cooperative in any substantive way.

So do not buy into the narrative of the media. Just recall how wrong they all were one year ago today.