OBVIOUS FALSE FLAG: Democrats desperate to garner voter sympathy, Soros-mounts pathetic FAKE NEWS

The news headlines today describe a rash of explosive devices mailed to or dropped off at various Democrat bigwigs, all in full view of the media and sup-posedly targeting CNN as well.

WHY do we say this is an obvious false-flag event?

It has the earmarks of a false flag from the get-go. For one thing, none of the devices exploded. This suggests that the “devices” were basically props.

This is a transparent attempt to shift blame on right-wing citizens. Only problem with that is that right-wing citizens are law-abiding people. Secondly, the democrats have already shown they are willing to lie, commit perjury, character assassination, and all manner of treasonous acts to manipulate politic.

Consider the Las Vegas shooting last year. The shooter was a Trump-hating Hillary-supporter. Samne with the Florida Parkland school shooting.

The shooting of Steve Scalise was also carried out by a radical Hillary-supporter.

Conservatives do not behave this way. It is a complete Fake-news false-flag staged story, intended to cause a buzz against President Trump and the conservatives in Congress.

PRAY for discernment. PRAY for reason to win out over rhetoric.

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