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Amy Coney Barrett is sworn is as the 9th Supreme Court Justice.

In a huge victory for President Donald Trump, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the United States Senate M0nday and sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas at the White House .

In terms of history, no other president has impacted the high court as effectively as President Trump, and he has done so with a determi9nation and resolve that should be looked upon in history as an example for future leaders to aspire to.

With just one week remaining until election day, the Pre4sident did not let the media or his political opponents dissuade him from doing his duty as prescribed in the Constitution.

Now, with the election 7 days ahead, the focus should be on the issues of policy, competence, economy, and delivering relief to the American people, many of whom has been holding on by the barest thread, waiting on a promised second stimulus check since it was promised back in July.

Instead of delivering releief to the people, the bitter, angry democrats have stalled, hemmed, hawed, complained, accused and insulted the intelligence of the people as they clearly tried to deny the President the honor of delivering bvadly needed relief to the people.

Nancy Pelosi, the disgraced Speaker of the House even has said she didn’t want checks with the President’s name on them going to the people before the election.

Such pettiness and small-mindedness is to be expected from a party that chose to lock d0wn entire states to try and damage the people who elected Trump in 2016. Their antipathy toward the President is bad enough. But their antipathy for the people that voted for the President is even more sinister, foul and revealing about who the democrats are and how much they loathe the people.

November 3rd will then be their ultimate comeuppance. AND it will be richly deserved.

The globalist-controlled media has been trying to deceive everybody about what the election will bring. It is an act of absolute disinformation. The media pollsters are the biggest crooks in the media these days. Four years ago they were exposed for the fraudsters and circus-barkers they truly were.

Remember who these low-lifes truly are!!!!

Recall how the NY Times indicated there was a 92 % chance that Hillary would win on election night. They were saying that same thing even after the polls closed in the east coast states. theior metrics, their agenda, and their deception quickly was undone by the PEOPLE.

Four years later, have the pollsters and the media learned ANYTHING? No. They have simply doubled down on their lies, their flawed methodology and their arrogance.

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