Tuesday, January 5th 2021: Tribute: My best friend, Steve

Back in the fall of 1976, I started as a freshman at tiny Black Rock High School. I was 13. A big, strapping hormonally balanced 6 feet tall and a bit loud and boisterous. But then I met Steve.

Our first encounter was exactly what you would expect from the two biggest kids in the class. We butted heads. Words were exchanged. Then an appointment was made for the boy’s gymnasium locker room, where we would settle our disagreement with our fists.

The matter lasted only a few seconds. But it forged a friendship that would last all these decades. Steve told me I was the only person in that whole school to ever stand up to him. And we became fast friends. Our gangly teenage years would fly by fast enough. Life would come along and deal us each our own set of challenges and situations.

Yet, our friendship endured, and strengthened over time. In spite of being separated by thousands of miles for 4+ decades, we stayed in touch, especially if either of us was facing trials and hardships.

When my dad suffered a very sudden ailment, which would eventually take his life, Steve was right there.

When surgeries for our daughter would come along, Steve was always one of the first people.

I would call him when my soul was weary. And he, likewise, would call me when life threw him every curve-ball.

Steve and I were brutally honest with each other. And nobody else could come from the authentic angle we did as best friends. it was a no-BS relationship.

When Steve faced long odds more than a dozen years ago, he was told that he shouldn’t have lived through the illness that surrounded his pancreas. The doctors were flummoxed to try and explain it. But that was quintessentially Steve. And time and again, for years, he faced every challenge with courage, humor and no fear.

The past three years, he faced a Widow-maker blockage in his heart. The doctors put in a stent and sent him on his way. This year, however, his heart began having problems. Over time it was clear something had gone wrong. BY the time they determined what the problem was, it could no longer be corrected with surgery. The damage done, his long ordeal began. 4 months in CVICU and every time one thing would be remedied, something else would surface.

Cascading problems, through varying stages of consciousness and incoherence, Steve bravely fought. His daughter, Krystal, a very competent nurse herself, monitored his condition and worked very hard to assure he was getting proper care. Her tireless care and devotion was inspiring and humbling.

When our phone rang this morning the news did not shock us, as we had braced for this for some time. But Krystal’s heart is so broken by his passing today, and Susan and I were both very frustrated that we couldn’t be there to just give hugs, and shoulders for her to cry on.

Steve is at peace now. He ran his race, and strove to tell everybody exactly where he was headed and who he would see when he got there.

We trust that completely, and know we have not seen the last of my friend, my brother, Steve.

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Monday January 4th 2021 LIVE: 4-6pmET HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Today we catch up on the situation with JJ’s best friend, Steve, and what the doctors and family have decided to do, and we reminisce about some of the unique memories, jokes and things that might not make much sense for those on the outside, but cathartic to those who know Steve and his family.

Also, the clock is ticking down to Wednesday January 6th, as the official electoral college votes are officially tabulated in the congress, with Vice President Mike Pence in the unique position as president of the Senate, being the one person who has the authority to either accept the controversial slate of electors from battleground states, or to reject them.

Wild amounts of speculation remains persistent on the world-wide web about what COULD happen if he rejected the numbers. Ultimately, the results will likely leave at least half the nation feeling betrayed, disenfranchised, and with very little regard for any resultant administration.

To look back at four years ago, we can honestly say that no matter what happens, the nation will not be healed and mended by politicians. The nation will not be healed or mended by social media censorship, nor will it be healed or mended by globalist corporations, media moguls or blithering idiots with large egos and over-inflated ex-politicians, ex-presidents or giants of industry.

Only one thing can heal this land: Jesus. And Only if America will repent of her sin, and turn away from her wickedness.

JJ McCartney will lay out the case for repentance, humble prayer and walking in righteousness. THAT is the only opath that will lead to an American renewal and resurgence.

Monday December 28th 2020: Anticipating the promise of the new year? Prepare for more of the same old swamp.


OK, so how was everybody’s Christmas?

For us it was quiet, understated, and peaceful. We watched White Christmas, feasted on delicious turkey and stuffing, and enjoyed a nice time together.

What we did not do is spend money we didn’t have on gifts for the sake of gifting. We are not alone, I am sure in grinding through the budget woes of the modern Covid muck.

People are trying to cope with hardships the l;ikes of which we have not seen in our lifetimes, unless you are a survivor of the Great Depression.

Let’s not pretend this isn’t painful, difficult and terribly bothersome to us all.

But from struggles, we find abundant HOPE ins our Lord and Savior Jesus!! and THAT is the main point of commemorating Christmas!

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Tuesday December 22nd 2020: An URGENT call for help!

I truly do not know how to feel at this moment. I trust God. But people are so hard to read, understand or reach that it feels like we are being tested like never before.

I have given everything I have to give for the cause. I don’t know what more I can do or say to start the fire that gets people moved to respond. I have prayed, I have worked beyond my physical abilities trying to throw out a lifeline to the people drowning in their sin.

I have seen a stiff-necked generation being led like lemmings off a cliff. People wearing masks, lining up for shots, and being conditioned to be obedient little citizens, taught to question nothing.

TODAY America needs critical thinkers to recognize what kind of trap is being sprung on the people by the conniving authoritarians and their evil taskmasters.I have vowed to stop these people, but I cannot do this by myself.

Today we need immediate help. Without it, we are simply going to go bankrupt.

I need help before we reach the ultimate tipping-point and sink all-together. Please visit www.jjmccartney.com and click the donate button and help us keep going.

Tuesday December 15th 2020: Look, Mom, no legitimacy!! The Fake News thinks they got away with it!

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In a weird alternate-universe where Stacy Abrams casts Georgia’s electoral votes for Joe Biden, there is not and cannot be any legitimacy whatsoever electorally speaking.

If you believe that everything about this electoral college vote is legit, then why doesn’t the media report about all the skullduggery surrounding the closing off of republican observers from watching the vote counting in Wisconisn, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia?

Not to mention Nevada and Arizona?

No, there is no honest way you can allow the sham electoral college vote to determine this outcome…not if the actual facts matter.

Monday December 14th 2020: ‘Tis the Season to be FAITHFUL and HOPEFUL

Monday December 14th 2020:

Better strap on your armor, friends. The battle looms ahead, and we are not going to cower to these crooks!

Buck Fiden, American Patriot!!

And introducing JJ’s new co-anchor, Buck Fiden!!


Plus, all the latest information for the prepping Patriots of America!!

Plus a word about faith in the 21st Century.

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War may not be the easiest choice, but it could be the ONLY choice!!

For the record, war may not be the easier choice, but it may be our ONLY choice.

You either believe in our Constitution or you are little more than chaff for the threshers of the evildoers.

And it is my sincere belief that God intended for us to be FREE. Those who blindly go along with the media’s narrative are, at p[resent useful idiots to the globalists. But what happens to those useful idiots when they are no longer useful? They then become expendable to the globalists behind this fourth reich.

Wake up, America. The barbarians are at the gate!!

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What began in 1978 for JJ McCartney would become a career in and around Radio broadcasting in America.

JJ McCartney, age 18, at KBYR-AM, Anchorage Alaska

From humble beginnings in rural Arkansas, it grew into a long and winding road through formats, genres, and re-inventions of self as the years went by.

Speeding through my youth, I graduated from college at 18. I immediately moved back to my native land(Alaska) where I took the radio world by storm! Working for $4 an hour, filling as many shifts as I could, doing production, and learning everything I could, working around professionals of varying levels of expertise, I started building a knowledge of the industry which rivals anything I have ever seen from people of similar vintage.

JJ McCartney, 1985 as Program Director/Morning Show host, KCSY-AM, Soldotna, Alaska

Building on experience, I added other skills that made me a more well-rounded asset to the radio stations and companies i worked for. I became a certified broadcast engineer, I designed and built studios, digital STL signal paths, Digital broadcast processing, and myriad analog systems as well, I soon got into digital automation systems.

Working for the world’s most prolific broadcast automation company for many years, I saw the industry beginning to rely heavily on technology to maximize profits while striving not to degrade quality.

Understanding the fine line broadcasters have to walk to survive financially in this modern age, I am poised at the ready to help furnish solutions while offering viable products that will remain marketable.

JJ McCartney, Sales Engineer, RCS/Prophet Systems circa 2007

Whatever your programming or production needs, give me a call, and find out what we can do to help you reach a higher market share, and to help you avoid the cringe-worthy moments when a lack of talent reveals the weaker links in radio that can affect your bottom line.

JJ McCartney(licensed HAM Radio operator)

In 2012, JJ suffered major health setbacks that rendered him physically disabled. While these problems have limited his ability to work in an 8-hour grind. The setback has forced him to again re-invent himself.

Since then, JJ has run a 24/7 internet-radio stream, and hosts a two-hour daily talk radio show. He likes to think of it as his “therapy sessions”, where he tries to remain sane and calm in an insane world.

Engineering excellence: equipped with old school tools that work very well in the 21st-Century digital world.

JJ’s main studio is a mix of great digital tools and old school tools still highly sought after in the radio world. The Pacific Recorders BMX-III console is vintage 1985, but performs like very few products manufactured today for the live broadcast world.

Find out how JJ McCartney can help YOUR station improve it’s bottom-line! email JJ directly at jj@jjmccartney.com

Crunch-time 2020: JJ McCartney needs your help.

We have reached a state of critical here at jjmccartney.com. For over 7 years we have tried our best to furnish the best commentary possible to protect Nd guard our freedom, and to preach the gospel.

Conservative values have been under constant assault at the hands of the media, and the left side of the political aisle.

And all this time, JJ has been fighting numerous serious health problems. Until now, JJ has tried to refrain from making fundraising a large part of the presentation here at jjmccartney.com.

We can no longer afford to do what we have been doing for so long. As like most others in this nation, we are struggling financially. The “promise” of the politicians in DC of help somewhere over the rainbow has caused many to make bad decisions with their money.

The show we have produced for years has cost us dearly financially. Now, we need help. One of our main funding sources has been interrupted through no fault of our own. It leaves us in need of fast relief. Feeding the family is always priority number 1, and now it is becoming more difficult to do.

There are a litany of health issues I could tell you about, but suffice it to say that there are numerous conditions, each of which is serious by itself. Hearty disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Leukemia, blood clots, serious arthritis, and more recent events have kept me from doing the show daily.

Now add the stresses of financial uncertainty, the ridiculous lockdowns, and the craziness of the political atmosphere in the recent months, and it has resulted in a nearly complete debilitation of my physical strength and stamina.

Yesterday I went to the doctor, with yet another new problem. I am waiting for test results, and am trying not to think the worst. God is on the throne, and I trust Him with everything.

And still, I find myself fighting the human tendency to be afraid of the unknown. Much of that is how the devil tries to rob us of joy. And everybody who carries Christ in their hearts finds themselves subjected to this type of faith-challenging temptation.

God will provide. He always has. But we are entering into an eerily dangerous time. Civility and kindness seems to have been eradicated in the political sphere from the left. Their open hostility toward the patriotic Trump supporters has been on full display. They seem to crave warfare instead of common ground. They seem to want scorched earth rather than “live and let live”.

And we have been under constant assault from the Soros-funded troll-nuisance Army of CYBER-terrorists who have attempted to undermine our right to free speech.

These cyber-punks are well-funded and enjoy ridiculous amounts of protection from the mega-internet-companies so they are free to harass and defile honest efforts to guard our Constitution.

So what can we do to fight back? For one thing, we must be willing to consider alternate means of delivering our message to you. The world of communication has been very nearly monopolized by the globalists. the mainstream media is almost entirely owned by leftists and globalist interests.

So we are asking for your support as we plan contingencies to allow us to deliver the message of hope and the message of Christ. We do not know how much time we have left to plant the seeds that may lead others to salvation through Christ.

But we must work as though this is our last chance to sew those seeds.

Please help us deliver that WORD to the masses.