Friday November 6th 2020: Keeping the Faith as Media covers for Dem Cheating on massive, unprecedented scale

As we prepare for the weekend, the media continues to provide cover for Democrat corruption on a truly unprecedented scale. The clear intention of democrats was to get their asses kicked on election day, then calculate how many phony votes they needed in key states to STEAL the elction from President Trump.

The COVID plannedemic was the key to them. They have proven in multiple states to be guilty of mail fraud, massive ballot harvesting, and ridiculous claims that additional ballots were 100 percent for Biden.

If the American people thought politics in America was corrupt before, imagine how the people will react when the truth becomes known soon, of millions of illegal votes being counted by corrupt officials in places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit and Milwaukee.

When you see the untainted results of Ohio, Florida and Iowa, and when you consider that Trump did far better among blacks, Latinos and other ethnic groups than any republican since 1960, the variant results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania become even more ludicrous.

The Democrats cheated in 2016, but it was not enough to overcome Donald Trump’s very effective strategy. in 2020, the Democrats blatantly cheated, using federal workers in the Post Office to harvest and deliver MILLIONS of fraudulent votes to the Dems.

When you see that Republicans gained seats in the House and retained the Senate, the numbers in these suddenly-shaded-blue states is even more egregious.


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CHEATING by DEMS, aided by crooked Media propagandists Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC being EXPOSED!!

As we predicted months ago, the Democrats attempts to dispirit conservatives and other Trump Supporters was set in motion by the media and by the democrats using phony polls, fake news and ridiculous amounts of money to muddy the electoral waters in states run by Democrat governors.

In Michigan, the vote tallies simply have been inundated with ballots that cannot possibly be considered valid. The same is true in Wisconsin.

In Arizona, the cheating was done in very deceptive actions by poll workers. And there have been several whistleblowers reporting illegal and outrageous cheating by post office workers, election officials with a conscience, and others. James O’Keefe at Project Veritas is digging deep into these allegations, as you can be sure the Trump legal team is aware of all of this.

Confidence remains high that Trump will prevail, and that the results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona are not at all settled.

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Chaos, Confusion, Deceit remain the left’s only tools to try to steal what they cannot win

As we all are witness to the massive media deception regarding the presidential election, it is clear to this lifelong observer that the seeds of the plan to try to steal this election were hatched four years ago by a conbsortium of diseased brains. Beginning with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the scheme was hatched.

To begin with, they cheated in 2016, but it was not enough to nullify the Trump effect.

So they began designing the leftist’s CHEAT 2.0. They calculated how to blatantly set it all up. They then hatched fake scandal upon fake scandal. Fake impeachment followed. They tried to intimidate their way through attacking the one man they could not control.

When all their machinations failed, they rolled out event 201. The scheme to unleash a pandemic on the world. The entire script had been written. They drafted Bill Gates, the CDC, the WHO, and then they actually executed their plan.

They have conned the people long enough. Everybody needs to understand the reality of their treason, their subversion, and their willingness to use race, violence, and anarchy as weapons against the law-abiding working-class.

Shutting down the economy, lying about the President’s actions in the earliest days of the “plannedemic”, and they lied at every turn about how the situation was handled by the President.

The media was and remains the biggest co-conspirator in this attempted coup. From George Stephanopolos to Norah O’Donnell to Lester Holt to Chris Wallace, they were all given the scripts and the marching orders, all to remove Trump by whatever means they could conjure up.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube/Google, all were used as weapons against not on President Trump, but against anybody who supported him.

Countless users were de-platformed by these tech-giants, all at the direction of the globalist cabal that controls the media.

And then there was us. It was one thing when we competed with fellow users on these platforms for audience. But then they deployed their evil algorithms, designed to inhibit our offerings from appearing in people’s news feeds, search results and main pages.

Their sinister plot has discourage people from even trying to tell the truth.

Yet, we persist.

Our faith is not in the digital realm of 1’s and 0’s. It is in God almighty. And we trust in GOD to keep our cause sound, strong and righteous.

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Wednesday October 28th 2020 Election Central: The phony science of the leftist media

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ONE WEEK TO GO: Tuesday October 27th 2020: JJ McCartney is LIVE 3-5pm ET

Amy Coney Barrett is sworn is as the 9th Supreme Court Justice.

In a huge victory for President Donald Trump, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the United States Senate M0nday and sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas at the White House .

In terms of history, no other president has impacted the high court as effectively as President Trump, and he has done so with a determi9nation and resolve that should be looked upon in history as an example for future leaders to aspire to.

With just one week remaining until election day, the Pre4sident did not let the media or his political opponents dissuade him from doing his duty as prescribed in the Constitution.

Now, with the election 7 days ahead, the focus should be on the issues of policy, competence, economy, and delivering relief to the American people, many of whom has been holding on by the barest thread, waiting on a promised second stimulus check since it was promised back in July.

Instead of delivering releief to the people, the bitter, angry democrats have stalled, hemmed, hawed, complained, accused and insulted the intelligence of the people as they clearly tried to deny the President the honor of delivering bvadly needed relief to the people.

Nancy Pelosi, the disgraced Speaker of the House even has said she didn’t want checks with the President’s name on them going to the people before the election.

Such pettiness and small-mindedness is to be expected from a party that chose to lock d0wn entire states to try and damage the people who elected Trump in 2016. Their antipathy toward the President is bad enough. But their antipathy for the people that voted for the President is even more sinister, foul and revealing about who the democrats are and how much they loathe the people.

November 3rd will then be their ultimate comeuppance. AND it will be richly deserved.

The globalist-controlled media has been trying to deceive everybody about what the election will bring. It is an act of absolute disinformation. The media pollsters are the biggest crooks in the media these days. Four years ago they were exposed for the fraudsters and circus-barkers they truly were.

Remember who these low-lifes truly are!!!!

Recall how the NY Times indicated there was a 92 % chance that Hillary would win on election night. They were saying that same thing even after the polls closed in the east coast states. theior metrics, their agenda, and their deception quickly was undone by the PEOPLE.

Four years later, have the pollsters and the media learned ANYTHING? No. They have simply doubled down on their lies, their flawed methodology and their arrogance.

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Friday, October 23rd 2020: Friday Extravaganza: JJ flies solo reviewing Trump’s DEMOLITION of clueless Joe Biden

In case anybody missed it, last night Donald Trump obliterated Joe Biden with this very simple statement: “You’re a politician”.

Trump actually scored all the major points of the evening by simply telling the truth about Biden and the things he claims he will do if elected, which Trump framed very nicely by asking “why didn’t you do it when you were in power for 8 years? Or for the 47 years you have been a Washington politician?”


The record is clear. The choice is obvious.

Then Biden tried to invoke HIS character as the big selling point. By saying You KNOW who he is, you know who I AM. You know my character as someone who tells the truth.

Anybody have any idea what Biden thinks we “KNOW” about his character?



Delusional Joe. Sleepy Joe. Moron Joe.

November 3rd is fast approaching. Let’s get this done, and get back to work for America!

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