Tuesday: What’s WRONG with the U.S. Navy? Ohio Judge guns down attacker, and How’s your back?

Brothers for Life! JJ McCartney visited with his brother, Tim over the weekend. The brothers hadn’t seen one another in several years, and enjoyed great conversation and reminisced about common experiences. Plus listen for some very interesting audio on Tuesday’s show!

Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show, we’ll get more in-depth as the aftermath of the collision between a US Navy Guided-missile destroyer was broad-sided by a Liberian-flagged oil tanker over the weekend.

The US Navy has officially paused operations in the entire Pacific Fleet as they try to tighten up security measures and eliminate the types of failures in “situational awareness” on the part of the crews, officers and sailors responsible for monitoring radar, physically watching for threats in the water, and tightening up routines to prevent the types of collisions that occurred in June when the USS Fitzgerald was hit by the ACX Crystal, a cargo container ship flagged from the Philippines and the collision of the USS John S. McCain and the Liberian oil tanker Alnic.


The rare move was announced Monday as Navy officials scrambled to investigate the collision. Suspicions that the collision may have been aided by a Cyber-hack have led to deeper scrutinizing as the Navy’s state of readiness is called into question.

Also on Tuesday, JJ will have details about an Ohio judge who was shot by an assailant outside the courthouse in Steubensville, Ohio. The judge, who was carrying a concealed weapon returned fire, killing the assailant, before he was rushed to the hospital, where the judge is described as being in good condition, expected to make a full recovery.

Plus North Korea threatens Australia, saying Australian cooperation/support of U.S. President Donald Trump would be a “suicidal act”.

And we’ll cover all the latest breaking news, and reflect on history as we analyze the strife and conflict occurring more and more frequently all around the world, and what it means in the “grand scheme of things”.


And JJ will explain the theory that if your spouse displays this behavior, it can literally be a pain in your back!

And a long-lost recording resurfaces which ironically includes a reminder of how different the nation was just 35 years ago!

Plus JJ McCartney writing a book? Stay tuned for the exciting details!

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Monday: Dr. Alveda King, John B. Wells, and the total eclipse, all LIVE

Can’t-miss: Monday, August 21, 2017

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

In hour 1 we will do a quick run-down of the day’s headlines, followed by ann inspiring visit with Dr. Alveda King, Pro-life activist, evangelist, professor, and niece of the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. We’ll talk about the ongoing racial tensions following Charlottesville, the continual attacks on President Trump because he had the audacity to tell the truth about the violence in Charlottesville.

We’ll also discuss, (time permitting), the ongoing racial clashes taking place on college campuses and anywhere conservative speakers are slated to speak out against the fascist progressive totalitarianism which has been disguised behind a perverse interpretation of the word “tolerance”.

In hour 2, we’ll speak with Caravan to Midnight/Ark to Midnight host/actor/fellow-Christian-Patriot John B. Wells. We’ll talk about the collision of the USS John S. McCain with a Liberian-flagged oil tanker not far from Singapore. We’ll also talk about the vitriol directed at Donald Trump from the unhinged left and the collusion between the corporate globalist-controlled media and the radical socialist leftists at the Democratic party, George Soros, and Barack Hussein, and how the events in Charlottesville and subsequent events have all been organized, orchestrated and paid for by Obama and Soros’ front groups.

And of course, we’ll discuss the Solar Eclipse as it happens LIVE during the show.

On top of all that, we’ll bring you the Monday Rundown of all the news you might have missed over the weekend.

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A great slate of shows!

Starting Friday with JJ’s first-hour guest, Major-General(Ret.)Paul Vallely. We’ll talk North Korea, and Iranian aggression in violation of the so-called nuclear deal.

We’ll get the General’s take on the events of the past week regarding Charlottesville, the media’s anti-Trump activism, and the state of race-relations in the United States.

On Monday, JJ will feature two outstanding guests, and we’ll do it while taking in a total eclipse in the middle of the show!

In hour 1 Monday, our guest will be a true national treasure, Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr, and a staunch pro-life advocate, and we will talk about the brokenness of America today spiritually, racially, and morally. We’ll talk about the events of the past week, and how important it is that we not allow ourselves to get drawn into the kind of contentiousness and anger that the left is trying to foment.

In our second hour Monday, JJ welcomes back our brother-in-arms, the host of Caravan to Midnight and Ark to Midnight, John B. Wells. We’ll compare notes on the many incidents, attacks and events since last we visited, and we’ll slice and dice the outrageous and seditious Main-stream media as they continue their attempt at a blitzkrieg, essentially an attempted coup carried out by all the corporate-owned media.

And we will bring you even more outstanding conversation with guests like the Mysterious Colonel, Ibn Q. Al Rassooli, and many more!

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Thursday: JJ’s big ‘I Told You So’ regarding Charlottesville, plus Michael Cutler!

Thursday August 17th 2017

It should come as no surprise that the rally’s organizer has ties to Obama. I told you this first-thing on Monday’s show!

Join JJ LIVE at Noon ET for today’s red-hot edition of The JJ McCartney Show. We’ll break the stories wide open, expose the lies, defend the truth, and explain why the lock-step left-wing media is attacking the President with everything they’ve ever imagined!

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Setup? Man behind white-supremacist rally supported Obama

Jason Kessler (Photo: Screenshot) The organizer of the violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was until recently a Barack Obama supporter and was also a member of the leftist radical Occupy Wall Street Movement, according to a report from a hard-left activist group. The details from his recent past have many in the blogosphere and on social… (more…)

40 years after Elvis died, Media All Shook Up over Trump

Join JJ McCartney LIVE today at Noon ET with his guest IQ Al Rassooli(our regular Wednesday guest) as we expose the true faces of Muhammed and Islam

And be sure to be tuned in at the top of the show for the mother of all monologues.

Are you sick and tired of the mainstream media? Sick of their lies, their false narratives and their twisted,, evil sense of morality?

You do not want to miss today’s show as we proclaim TRUTH as ABSOLUTE, and we put the liars and the traitors in their place.

JJ McCartney and IQ AL Rassooli will be kicking proverbial ass and taking names…and better yet, NAMING names.

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Tuesday, August 15th: Dr. Mark Davis, and The World is rapidly growing INSANE.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we’ll have the latest headlines, author and Dr. Mark Davis in hour 2, and in-depth news and your calls LIVE beginning at Noon ET.


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The Charlottesville Conspiracy: Media and Left-wing Coordinated Chaos

Soros-funded false-flag in Charlottesville coordinated with Media and political leaders.

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There was never any doubt in my mind that the Charlottesville event which descended into violence and chaos was a manufactured event designed to artificially create an association in the public mind between conservative patriots and white supremacists.

Now for some facts up-front:

1- Why have we never heard the media refer to BLM as a “black supremacist group”?

2- Conservative Christians loathe Nazis and everything they stand for.

3- The counter-protesters were coordinated through the political machinery of Barack Obama and were funded by George Soros.

4- The neo-nazis with their swastikas and and their ridiculous hate=speech signs were coordinated through the political machinery of Barack Obama and were funded by George Soros.

5- The democratic officials in Charlottesville gave stand-down orders to police, even after the organizers of the rally had coordinated with the police department to keep the marchers and the counter-protesters separated. The police instead failed to intervene and allowed the melee too occur without lifting a finger to try to stop it.

6- None of the original coordinators of the rally in Charlottesville were associated with any neo-Nazi group or sympathizers.

7- The vehicular attack that killed one and injured many more was immediately condemned by the rally organizers and has been rightly declared to be an act of one homicidal maniac.

Now, ask yourself why the news media have failed to dig into the facts as outlined above? Oh, that’s right, the news media is much more concerned with preserving a narrative than they are with getting the facts straight.

Now, I might be wrong, but the instant I saw the first reports Saturday, everything naturally clicked in my brain,. Of course this was a false-flag event. When a group of perhaps 200 demonstrators who lawfully got their permits and acted within their rights as legal permit-holding demonstrators broke no laws, and were well within their legal rights to protect themselves when a band of lawless counter-protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter began attacking, throwing stones, bottles of urine, pepper-spray and whatever else they had on them to incite the violent clash that followed.

They were also armed with bats, clubs, and an assortment of other weapons as they initiated the attacks that rapidly got out of hand., The Charlottesville Police Department has participated with the rally organizers to devise a strategy to keep them separated from any counter-demonstrators. One musty surmise from the fact that the police instead did absolutely nothing to mean that the authorities, from the mayor to the police chief, ordered them to stand down.

This was also the case in Ferguson, Missouri, and in Baltimore, Maryland when violent demonstrations broke out following the Michael Brown and Freddy Gray incidents. The order to police to stand-down has been utilized by the left as a tool to portray white people as instigators, and to empower groups like BLM and Antifa to act with impunity.

Now, because of courageous reporting from the radio hosts at Red State Talk Radio, The Liberty Eagle, Infowars and many others, the facts will be heard. The attempt to tar-and-feather the alt-right with the radical socialist(Nazi) movement will fail. The truth will prevail, because we will not allow the false narratives of the corporate-globalist media will not go unchallenged.

Charlottesville was a stage Saturday, and the bad actors who took that stage were paid professional thugs. They were paid by the chief purveyors of hate, George Soros and Barack Obama. The issue of race in America has become a bone of contention only because of the agitator-in-chief, Barack Obama.

Make no mistake, the clash Saturday was left-wing political theater.

The consequences of the inaction of police Saturday in Charlottesville resulted in escalation of violence,m and while one can never know, it is likely that the vehicle attack might have never happened had police been allowed to keep distance between the lawful demonstrators and the law-breaking violent black activists who instigated the violence.

If Black Lives really Mattered to the politicians in Charlottesville, the police would have been allowed to keep the peace, instead of simply having a front-row seat to the street-fight that broke out.

TRUTH must be told. It cannot prevail unless YOU share the facts with everybody you know.

The role played by Barack Obama in the violence Saturday is best summed up by a quote from his statement Saturday after the fact, a twisted quote of Nelson Mandela, which explains all too well the warped mentality of Obama and his poilitical machinery:

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion … People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love… …For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite,” Mr. Obama sent in a series of three tweets.

An Appeal to American Christian Patriots: Make Ready NOW

People, I have seen a vision.


Forget the sci-fi world so many envision about the future of our planet.




The vision I had was not some futuristic scene, It was today’s world. A world with very little conscience.

A world where most people, even those who profess to be Christians, are willfully stupid. They have chosen to slumber and to live in a shared delusion about the world we live in, about good and evil. About the subtle, incremental forfeiture of their rights and freedoms believing a false assurance that if only they will comply with the edicts of the pseudo-altrustic government, that somehow magically, everything will be okay.

They have believed the voice of the evil one, assuring them that status-quo and unending, ever-expanding “tolerance” of behaviors, policies, and a floating, moving group of moral rules and values is the formula for heaven on earth.

Even before the bodies of the Manchester massacre, the Pulse Nightclub, and the Paris truck massacre were cool in the ground, the collective “do-gooders” of the world were accusing those of us who have chosen to live with our eyes open were being accused of “hate” only because we had the audacity to look for the common denominator in weach terrorist attack: Islam.

But Islam is not the root of all evil. It goes much deeper than just Islam.

This evil, called by it’s real name is AntiChrist, and it has quietly become the controlling power in the halls of American government, and every westernized government in the world. The Deep State, by it’s real function is AntiChrist.

And the persecution of Christians, Jews and sympathizers to their cause are now in the crosshairs of the Deep State. and the Deep State is not only an American entity. It is globalism. It is The European Union. It is NATO. It is The United Nations. And they are speeding us toward a global conflagration.

Soon, a new leader will emerge from the shadows, and this leader will be viewed by the masses as a savior, a messiah, a deity, and a virtuous man. He will be so charming and appealing that he will fool most people who call themselves Christians.

But someone like that can only emerge after a series of manufactured crises, wars, disasters and floods, famines and pestilence take root.

It will be a time where compassion becomes an afterthought. Empathy will be replaced at first by apathy, and then by an appetite for cruel punishment, the suffering of the saints, and a much more forceful public rejection of those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

And this will be just the beginning of a lengthy open war on Jesus and His true followers.

Friends, we already see the mass-media embracing and protecting Muslims, while mocking and attacking those who live their faith in Jesus.

This isn’t a left-right political struggle. Those who call themselves Republicans and yet vote like leftists are every bit as died-in-the-wool AntiChrist as any other group on earth.

Some will laugh. Some will mock. But mark my words, a day is forthcoming when the Deep State and it’s leader proclaim themselves to be the new ruling authority of the nation, and the world will beat a path to this person’s door, begging him to rule them, and pleading for him to destroy His enemies to the uttermost.

I cannot name names. But I tell you that very soon, the blinders will come off. Then the world will know pain, suffering, and death in measures never before imagined.

Get your families ready. And pray as much as you possibly can.

We’ll be back with live shows on Monday.

Until then,  Trust in God. And hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Keep the faith, brothers and sisters.


JJ McCartney says: Just the Facts. This is a Fake-news-free zone.

Hello news fans. How about a nice, easy day of conversation, without the fake-news, without the shouting, and without the tension that goes with it?

Oh, sure, we could go on and on about the endless conspiracies which are sadly true, but the doc says the blood pressure needs to level off, and i would hate to be responsible for the next stroke, heart attack or seizure you might have when you hear what the bastards are mup to now.

Alright…we’re being melodramatic, but what would call the NYT or WaPo, or CNN or MSNBC(whose name should really be MSNPee-your-pants, see!)?

Friends and neighbors, we’re living in a time when the signs are everywhere. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, floods, pestilence, fires, sexual impurity, defiant sinners blatantly mocking God and His children, the entire world seems to be daring God to do something about their brash and rebellious debauchery. And if that is the case, the world is about to get more than it ever imagined it bargained for.

So while the residents of New Babylon get themselves oiled up for their next orgy, we will continue to sound the alarm. People, America is every bit as hedonistic as any other nation, save for the good people in it’s middle sections. And the political left in America(which includes all the democrats and most of the republicans) has collectively abandoned any semblance of virtue, instead embracing all things evil, from abortion to gay marriage to Islam. The progressive ideology avers that America is a bully that owes the rest of the world apologies for our success and military might.

JJ McCartney will have none of that, at least not on HIS show, and not in HIS house.

Join JJ LIVE from Noon to 3pmm ET here at www.jjmccartney.com, also live on Red STate Talk Radio, and coming soon to Facebook LIVE on The Liberty Eagle FB page!

Wednesday: Drumbeats of war with N. Korea, and remembering Glen Campbell with Denny Tedesco

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

An abbreviated visit with IQ Al Rassooli in hour 1, as we discuss the week’s news developments with North Korea, as well as the brain-dead left continues their non-stop assault on our Commander in Chief.

In hour 2 we delve deeply into the escalation of hostilities with North Korea, and President Trump’s vow to meet the North’s escalating was of words, and how American bombers and munitions are being readied in Guam for what seems like an inevitable military response aimed at silencing madman dictator Kim Jung Un, and the nuclear ambitions of the rogue state.

Analysis and strategic angles will be discussed, and we would like your feedback as well.

In hour 3, we will celebrate the life of an American original, whose musical talent was an influence for decades. One of the world’s greatest guitarists, and equally a skilled vocalist. Glen Campbell died yesterday after a years-long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

We’ll discuss Glen’s extraordinary music career with film-maker Denny Tedesco, the producer of the outstanding hit documentary “The Wrecking Crew”, the film that tells the story of the band of studio session musicians from the late 50’s and through the 60’s that featured the guitars of his father, Denny Tedesco and a young man from Delight Arkansas, by the name of Glen Campbell.

Denny and JJ will discuss the life and times of Glen Campbell and the Wrecking Crew in hour 3 of the show.

it’s going to be a special edition of The JJ McCartney Show LIVE at www.jjmccartney, RedStateTalkRadio, and streaming video on the YouTube channel.