An Appeal to American Christian Patriots: Make Ready NOW

People, I have seen a vision.


Forget the sci-fi world so many envision about the future of our planet.




The vision I had was not some futuristic scene, It was today’s world. A world with very little conscience.

A world where most people, even those who profess to be Christians, are willfully stupid. They have chosen to slumber and to live in a shared delusion about the world we live in, about good and evil. About the subtle, incremental forfeiture of their rights and freedoms believing a false assurance that if only they will comply with the edicts of the pseudo-altrustic government, that somehow magically, everything will be okay.

They have believed the voice of the evil one, assuring them that status-quo and unending, ever-expanding “tolerance” of behaviors, policies, and a floating, moving group of moral rules and values is the formula for heaven on earth.

Even before the bodies of the Manchester massacre, the Pulse Nightclub, and the Paris truck massacre were cool in the ground, the collective “do-gooders” of the world were accusing those of us who have chosen to live with our eyes open were being accused of “hate” only because we had the audacity to look for the common denominator in weach terrorist attack: Islam.

But Islam is not the root of all evil. It goes much deeper than just Islam.

This evil, called by it’s real name is AntiChrist, and it has quietly become the controlling power in the halls of American government, and every westernized government in the world. The Deep State, by it’s real function is AntiChrist.

And the persecution of Christians, Jews and sympathizers to their cause are now in the crosshairs of the Deep State. and the Deep State is not only an American entity. It is globalism. It is The European Union. It is NATO. It is The United Nations. And they are speeding us toward a global conflagration.

Soon, a new leader will emerge from the shadows, and this leader will be viewed by the masses as a savior, a messiah, a deity, and a virtuous man. He will be so charming and appealing that he will fool most people who call themselves Christians.

But someone like that can only emerge after a series of manufactured crises, wars, disasters and floods, famines and pestilence take root.

It will be a time where compassion becomes an afterthought. Empathy will be replaced at first by apathy, and then by an appetite for cruel punishment, the suffering of the saints, and a much more forceful public rejection of those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

And this will be just the beginning of a lengthy open war on Jesus and His true followers.

Friends, we already see the mass-media embracing and protecting Muslims, while mocking and attacking those who live their faith in Jesus.

This isn’t a left-right political struggle. Those who call themselves Republicans and yet vote like leftists are every bit as died-in-the-wool AntiChrist as any other group on earth.

Some will laugh. Some will mock. But mark my words, a day is forthcoming when the Deep State and it’s leader proclaim themselves to be the new ruling authority of the nation, and the world will beat a path to this person’s door, begging him to rule them, and pleading for him to destroy His enemies to the uttermost.

I cannot name names. But I tell you that very soon, the blinders will come off. Then the world will know pain, suffering, and death in measures never before imagined.

Get your families ready. And pray as much as you possibly can.

We’ll be back with live shows on Monday.

Until then,  Trust in God. And hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Keep the faith, brothers and sisters.


JJ McCartney says: Just the Facts. This is a Fake-news-free zone.

Hello news fans. How about a nice, easy day of conversation, without the fake-news, without the shouting, and without the tension that goes with it?

Oh, sure, we could go on and on about the endless conspiracies which are sadly true, but the doc says the blood pressure needs to level off, and i would hate to be responsible for the next stroke, heart attack or seizure you might have when you hear what the bastards are mup to now.

Alright…we’re being melodramatic, but what would call the NYT or WaPo, or CNN or MSNBC(whose name should really be MSNPee-your-pants, see!)?

Friends and neighbors, we’re living in a time when the signs are everywhere. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, floods, pestilence, fires, sexual impurity, defiant sinners blatantly mocking God and His children, the entire world seems to be daring God to do something about their brash and rebellious debauchery. And if that is the case, the world is about to get more than it ever imagined it bargained for.

So while the residents of New Babylon get themselves oiled up for their next orgy, we will continue to sound the alarm. People, America is every bit as hedonistic as any other nation, save for the good people in it’s middle sections. And the political left in America(which includes all the democrats and most of the republicans) has collectively abandoned any semblance of virtue, instead embracing all things evil, from abortion to gay marriage to Islam. The progressive ideology avers that America is a bully that owes the rest of the world apologies for our success and military might.

JJ McCartney will have none of that, at least not on HIS show, and not in HIS house.

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Wednesday: Drumbeats of war with N. Korea, and remembering Glen Campbell with Denny Tedesco

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

An abbreviated visit with IQ Al Rassooli in hour 1, as we discuss the week’s news developments with North Korea, as well as the brain-dead left continues their non-stop assault on our Commander in Chief.

In hour 2 we delve deeply into the escalation of hostilities with North Korea, and President Trump’s vow to meet the North’s escalating was of words, and how American bombers and munitions are being readied in Guam for what seems like an inevitable military response aimed at silencing madman dictator Kim Jung Un, and the nuclear ambitions of the rogue state.

Analysis and strategic angles will be discussed, and we would like your feedback as well.

In hour 3, we will celebrate the life of an American original, whose musical talent was an influence for decades. One of the world’s greatest guitarists, and equally a skilled vocalist. Glen Campbell died yesterday after a years-long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

We’ll discuss Glen’s extraordinary music career with film-maker Denny Tedesco, the producer of the outstanding hit documentary “The Wrecking Crew”, the film that tells the story of the band of studio session musicians from the late 50’s and through the 60’s that featured the guitars of his father, Denny Tedesco and a young man from Delight Arkansas, by the name of Glen Campbell.

Denny and JJ will discuss the life and times of Glen Campbell and the Wrecking Crew in hour 3 of the show.

it’s going to be a special edition of The JJ McCartney Show LIVE at www.jjmccartney, RedStateTalkRadio, and streaming video on the YouTube channel.

Glen Travis Campbell 1936-2017

Sadly, one of my all-time favorite musicians has passed away.
Glen Travis Campbell, born in Delite, Arkansas, died today after years of bravely battling the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.
There are so many memories and songs that Glen performed or played on that it would boggle the mind.
Glen was a self-taught guitar player, and long before he became a household name, he was a highly sought-after studio musician, playing on hundreds of hit records. Campbell played on hits by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and many others. He was part of a group of studio musicians that would eventually be called “The Wrecking Crew” because of their ability to knock out songs faster – and better – than any other session musicians in the  nation.
I highly recommend you watch the documentary “The Wrecking Crew”, which chronicles the amazing group of musicians who played on the majority of American-made hits of the 1960’s.
Glen became a member of the Beach Boys filling in for Brian Wilson for a summer while Wilson was working on writing the Pet Sounds album.
Glenn’s big break came in the summer of 1968, when the Smother’s Brothers variety show was looking for a ‘filler’ show to cover the weeks when they did not produce shows. Glen Campbell was their top-choice for the show, which became a smash success. Once the American television audience saw Glen Campbell, he became the most popular and celebrated country/pop act, and his albums “Gentle on my Mind” and “Wichita Lineman” sold by the millions.
Campbell went on to have more chart success in the 1970’s, including one of the top records of 1975, “Rhinestone Cowboy”. Campbell charted through the 1970’s, and as his personal life became tabloid fodder, his star waned. But he was a fixture of soft-rock and country radio, and in the 1980’s he found more success by singing songs penned by Jimmy Webb, who had written many of Campbell’s earlier hits.
Campbell was a born-again Christian, and after much tumult in his personal life in the early 1980’s, he cleaned up his act and found in his 3rd wife, Kim, the formula that would once again endear him to all America.
In the mid-2000’s, Campbell developed signs of early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. He bravely recorded one more album after his diagnosis, and even went on a national tour,, playing with many of his children who helped monitor him and help him on the rare occasions when he would lose his way.
Glen Campbell’s early albums were fixtures in my home when I was a kid. He was a special talent, and it saddened me to hear of his struggle with Alzheimer’s.
But I am thankful that he had a gift he could share with so many generations.
Rest in peace, Glen. God has his guitar-player now.

Glen Travis Campbell


It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and legendary singer and guitarist, Glen Travis Campbell, at the age of 81, following his long and courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Glen is survived by his wife, Kim Campbell of Nashville, TN; their three children, Cal, Shannon and Ashley; his children from previous marriages, Debby, Kelli, Travis, Kane, and Dillon; ten grandchildren, great- and great-great-grandchildren; sisters Barbara, Sandra, and Jane; and brothers John Wallace “Shorty” and Gerald.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Glen Campbell Memorial Fund at BrightFocus Foundation through the donation page.

A personal statement from Kim Campbell will follow.

The family appreciates your prayers and respect for their privacy at this time.


Tuesday: Proof of Voter Fraud, Google spying? plus Pastor Carl Gallups!

JJ’s news and commentary, and Pastor/bestselling author Carl Gallups!

It’s Tuesday, and the most important question I ask myself on Tuesday morning (after I have taken physical inventory of myself. to make sure my eyes mare working, make sure I am breaking, and that indeed I am still all here…) is this:

After sleeping for hours, did anything significant happen while I was sleeping?

And sure enough, the world kept spinning while I was asleep. \

So today on the JJ McCartney Show:

  • Proof of voter fraud in California
  • Homegrown jihadists about to be unleashed by feds?
  • Robert Mueller’s dirty secret past
  • Loretta Lynch’s alter-ego to blame for Tarmac meeting?
  • Pat Buchanan speculates: What happens after the coup?
  • Plus YOUR phone calls

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Monday on The JJ McCartney Show

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

Join JJ LIVE at Noon ET as we limp our way through with a website that is most definitely under construction. But that’s better than nothing!

  • In the headlines today, more defiant, charged rhetoric from Kim Jong Un, threatening to attack the United States, and refusing to negotiate. What will the Trump reaction be?
  • Also in the news, Benjamen Netanyahu is rejecting charges of bribery and other accusations as completely false.  We’ll have the latest.
  • Ancient evidence of the biblical account of Creation? We’ll fil;l in the gaps.
  • An exclusive from A pro-Israel American evangelical activist has some harsh words for Christian leaders who sided with Islamists in the ongoing dispute over security concerns on the Temple Mount – claiming they “promote heresy.” JJ will share the story in hour 2.
  • And just days after once again making the point that those who are leaking classified information from within the White House or the federal government are committing prosecutable felonies, Attorney General Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats on Friday announced a joint effort to track down and prosecute those who have leaked classified information, including private phone calls between President Trump and other world leaders.

Plus we’ll take YOUR phone calls too!

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