Pocahontas exits stage-LEFT. Bernie vs Biden Race to the Bottom JJ McCartney LIVE Thursday March 5th 2020

Leftist media pretending the race is all but Bidens’ forgetting one important thing: HISTORY!

The more the voters see of Joe Biden, the less likely they are to trust that this creepy groping fool is worthy of gaining the White House. After the glaring truth about the Bidens, Ukraine, Russia, China and a string of verbal gaffes that make George W. Bush look like the greatest orator in history will not allow the voters to pull the Biden lever.

If Biden wins the nomination, which could happen, then it will be like delivering the canary to the cat on a silver platter. Donald Trump has performed as President with clear direction, a mission to empower the PEOPLE, and to diminish the authority of the government to dictate to the people every aspect of their lives.

And given the whining, kicking and screaming of the past 3-and-a-half years, Americans are rightly angry with the Dems and the amount of corruption that Biden and Obama foisted on the American people will likely lead to an decisive election victory for President Donald Trump.

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