Public enemy list: Mainstream media, dregs and liars.

Media, Deep State smokescreen #1: Stock market volatility.

Wasn’t it interesting that the day the GOP FISA memo was released, the huge sell-off on Wall Street just happened to occur?

The memo was extremely damaging to the left, to the Mueller investigation, and to the Deep State. So, they flip a switch and the biggest two-day slide in market history pushes everything else off the frint pages.

Regardless, the people now know the truth: that the Obama administration weaponized the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA, the NSA and used the resources of our intelligence agencies to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign, and it was all initiated at the behest of the DNC, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and President Barack Obama.

ALL of that cheating, and they still lost.

And now, the people are waiting to aee if any of these crooks will face charges in a court of law.

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