Red Wave Tuesday at – leftist Media gushing over Nancy Pelousy’s publicity stunt

Join JJ McCartney and Jenn with our guest Scott Ford for a Red Wave Tuesday show. Of course, we will expose the Pelosi publicity stunt in Taiwan, as the globalists hide Biden behind his wall of Covid.

Biden does what cowards always do…hide behind an able-bodied 82-year old female alcoholic hack.

Meanwhile, all the other crises are magically being solved by Kamala Harris and AOC. So why do we expect a RED WAVE in November? let’s call it a hunch that people who like feeding their families, protecting freedom and recognizing the stench of leftist sleaze will take a chapter from Pete Townsend and “Won’t get fooled again”.

JJ McCartney welcomes Scott Ford to the show…and a host of Dogs on the right side in this fight for America’s future!