Remembering 911: 18 years later, has America lost its way? IQ Al Rassooli joins JJ McCartney LIVE

Today as we reflect on 9/11, we ask a hard question: 18 years after the most horrific event on American soil since the battle of Gettysburg, Has America lost its way? Are we still committed to fighting and winning the war on evil in the world? Because ultimately it is evil that spawns terrorism.

And IF America is truly determined to fight evil in this world, that means we must define it. On September 11th, it seemed clear that Islam was the tap root of evil in the world.

Islam is not now, and has never been, a “peaceful religion”.

In fact, it has never been a religion at all. Islam is a cult belief system constructed on violence, intimidation and raw hatred for anybody who believes in God(not Allah) and Jesus. If you believe in the cause of Zion, that it is anointed by God, and that Israel is God’s chosen people, then you are viewed as the mortal enemy of Islam.

Look at all the evidence in world history that demonstrates the established vitriol that embodies Islam and it is unmistakable. Attacks around the world aimed at Jews, Christians and nations aligned with Christianity and Israel.

If labeling Islam as a great evil on the planet makes me sound radical, then you need to have your head examined. Never before in history has savage warfare been declared on a nation, only to find less than two decades later that the very perpetrators of evil are now treated as a protected class in the bosom of that same nation!

It is utter madness that Islam has been given such a status in the wake of the scars of 9/11.

If any American is okay with that, then I am not okay with them. America is committing civilizational suicide each day we allow the travesty of Muslim migration to continue.

Look at the images again. They are indelibly etched into the psyche of this nation, and yet still we have turned a blind eye to the one group of people who wish us ill.

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