Return of the Friday Extravaganza with The Mysterious Colonel!

The Colonel returns to the Friday broadcast!

Join us for the Friday Extravaganza with the Mysterious Colonel! We’ll chat with our West Point insider and discuss all the latest news, from the rash of sexual misconduct allegations(in Bill Clintons case, sexual misconduct often leads to rashes!)!

From Al Franken to Harvey Weinstein to Gropin-Joe Biden, the fertilizer has made full contact with the ventilator, and the era of he-said/she-said may be giving way to he-said, she/she/she/she said, as more victims are being emboldened to speak out.

                       Weinstein, that is!

But here is the weird part, one we must be cautious about, and that is some kind of hysteria causing some to claim they are victims, simply because they see the attention that genuine victims are getting. The example I will cite is the women who suddenly claimed that Judge Roy Moor approached them in a sexual manner nearly 40 years ago, and they only now came forward when he was on the verge of being elected to the United States Senate.

Mitch McConnell(top/center) pictured with pies and  trimmings.

Some have even suggested that the whole rash of accusers taking aim at Moore is the result of actions taken by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and his RINO and Democrat cronies. They see Moore as a threat, much as they view President Trump, simply because both men threaten their establishment and their status-quo.

Join us for two of the most fun, energized and scintillating talk radio on the entire planet!

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