Rule of Law: Re-established in Supreme Fashion

Washington, D.C.- In a dramatically powerful ruling Monday, the Supreme Court re-established the Constitution and the Rule of Law, by overturning several federal court rulings which barred the Trump administration from enforcing the Immigration Ban executive ord4r the president issued in his first few weeks in office.

    The ruling was a crushing defeat for the obstructionist judges and Soros surrogates who had attempted to re-write the separatuiobn of powers by tying up presidential authority in unfounded lawsuits filed in the courts of known left-wing activist judges.

The final tally was 7 to 0 with 2 justices abstaining(Sotomayor and Ginsburg).

The ban applies to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Lower courts had allowed ridiculous arguments claiming that any travelers with “relations” in the U.S. shuld be excluded from the ban.

The same leftists who argued that President Obama had the authority to impose unconstitutional restrictins on landowners, oil companies and the order that changed the Obamacare mandate from a fine to a tax were arguing that President Trump lacked the authority to restrict travelers from known hot-beds of Muslim terrorism .

The ruling is a major vuictory for the President, coming on the heels of his major legislative victory in the Senate last Friday in passing the Trump tax reform bill. The house and Senate are now negotiating reconciliation of minor differences between the house and senate versions of the bill.

The travel ban was intended to protect America from admitting Muslims from these terrorist breeding grounds without adequate screening or vetting.

The position of the Democrats was far out of step with the American people, who favored the travel ban by a healthy margin from the outset. Such mindless opposition to such a common-sense remedy to protect Americans from terrorism doesn’t bode well for the left, in spite of the wishful thinking of the liberal media.