September 11, 2017: 16 years after, America’s biggest threat? Slumbering patriots.

With the news media reeling after back-to-back major hurricanes, it would be very easy to glaze over the 16th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 terror attacks on America.

But that is not our problem, it’s theirs.

9/11 should always command reverent remembrance. The years since 9/11, America has been duped into fighting a long, protracted war half-a-world away, as politicians, globalist shadow groups and the two major political parties have tried to reject the facts which have become much clearer than they were on that horrific morning.


The truth regarding 9/11 leads to inescapable conclusions. Could such massive destruction, and the knee-jerk reactions that followed have really been choreographed by 19 Islamist hijackers, none of whom had ever flown a jet before?

Could such a novice really have steered a huge jet and steer it so precisely? Three times in a matter of 40 minutes? Why were only two fighter-jets even remotely available to scramble on such a day? And what about the training drill which the authorities say was taking place that very morning?

One thing people need to remember about the Twin Towers: these buildings were essentially huge batteries. How so? Any time you erect a building, you are essentially storing kinetic energy. It took an un-told amount of energy for every beam, every support column, every pane of glass, every slab of concrete, every stairwell, every elevator shaft, every electrical wire, every air conditioning/heating/cooling system, every water pipe, every desk, every computer, every chair, every filing cabinet, every safe, every communications tower, all of these items staked 110 stories high becomes stored kinetic energy, taunting gravity for three decades.

And in spite of the finest architects and engineers,, construction crews and inspectors, the end result was two high-rise buildings storing enough cumulative kinetic energy to create seismic events when that energy was unexpectedly released.

My first instinct(as I was watching the collapse of both towers live) was the natural conclusion so many others reached as well: the structure so weakened by the impact of the planes(and the subsequent fires) caused the floors above the impact zone to give way, which cased the “pancake effect” to take place. The theory was that as each subsequent floor was crushed upon by the weight of the upper floors, the concrete on each floor was immediately pulverized into dust, and the smashing effect of each subsequent floor served to reduce everything and everybody inside to unrecognizable rubble.

This I accepted at face value for a few years.

But considering that 9/11 was one of the most recorded events in modern world history, there is a lot of raw data to compile.

And then there is the pesky collapse of WTC building 7. Then there have been the statements and assessments and evaluations of almost 2000 architects, engineers and scientists that have poured over all the arithmetic, and find they have more questions than answers, especially after the dubious 9/11 Commission Report on the events of that morning 16 years ago.

I would be lying if I said I know exactly what happened that day. In fact, I believe anybody who knows exactly what happened on 9/11 is likely complicit in the events of that day.

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