Shockwaves: NBC fires Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct. Plus McDonald’s employee a serial killer?

For the second time in less than three weeks, a major news reporter/anchor/fixture in TV morning shows has been fired for sexual misconduct.

After CBS fired Charlie Rose a couple weeks ago, NBC’s news chief Andy Lack announced this morning that Matt Lauer has been fired by NBC for sexual misconduct.



Lauer started out as the news reader for Today in the mid-1990’s, and was named as new anchorĀ for Today in 1997. Since then Lauer has been a fixture on NBC, as a reporter, covering Olympics, and holding down the anchor’s couch with a variety of co-hosts, the latest being Savannah Guthrie, who somberly made the announcement this morning at the top of the show. She expressed that her heart was breaking for Lauer, who had survived some shaky times of late, including a very public divorce, becoming tabloid fodder at supermarket checkouts.


Lauer also had some very intense problems with the NBC brass’ decision to hire Megyn Kelly, formerly the femme fatale at Fox News, who immediately rubbed Lauer and several other NBC personalities and management the wrong way.



Elsewhere in the news…

After North Korea’s launching of an ICBM which landed in the Sea of Japan after reaching an altitude of 2,500 miles, diplomats and heads of state are expressing more and more concern that the Korean peninsula could be the home of another long and bloody conflict between the communist dictatorship of Kim Jung Un and the westernized government of South Korea, who retaliated for the launch by sending a missile into North Korea.

Fears of things escalating have people predicting WW3 could erupt, while the political left in the U.S. is openly challenging President Trump’s authority to launch an assault on Pyongyang if provocations continue.

We will talk about the enemies of freedom in the Deep State, who are loyal to the corrupt former president Barack Obama, and who are obstructing President Trump from pursuing the agenda he was duly elected to carry out.

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