SOTU: CBS poll: 75% of Americans approve of speech. IQ Al Rassooli weighs in LIVE

URGENT/BREAKING: AMTRAK charter carrying GOP lawmakers to Greenbriar retreat in WV collides with Dump Truck on tracks in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Trump hits a home run: 75% approve of SOTU speech.

  • DEMS show their collective BUTTS in reax to speech.

Pelosi seemed to be having trouble with seeds in her dentures. 



Joe Kennedy III proves he is the little drooling Kennedy that couldn’t.(Media tries to hype him as some kind of heir-apparent for the Dems)

If Ronnie Howard and the fat kid from the Goonies movie had somehow cross-bred, Joe Kennedy III would be the result. He looks like an in-bred product of Teddy Kennedy and Aunt Bea.

Meanwhile, Snowflake Gutierres “triggered” by chants of “USA USA USA”, flees the chamber in crocodile tears. He’s become quite the thespian, play-acting becuse his virgin ears detest the sound of people loving their country.

Luis Gutierres is an embarrassment to the people of Illinois, and THAT’s SAYING SOMETHING when you consider Blagoyavich, The Obamas, Dan Rostenkowski and the Rahm Emanuel.

Gutierres made a moronic spectable of himself…again.

GOP coalescing behind Trump’s vision at long last.

Michael Goodwin: Trump teaching Republicans how to fight AND HOW TO WIN.

IQ Al Rassooli’s reaction to the Trump speech.

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