Stand up for America, or GTFO. A defense of America and the Flag

The movement protesting inequality  by disrespecting the flag and the national anthem is yet another lie pushed by the leftists in American politics, and the players of the NFL have become cheap plastic chess pieces positioned by the grotesquely filthy hands of George Soros and Barack Obama.

Instead of a legitimate political cause, these players are propelling the lie of Black Lives Matter without even knowing the facts about blacks killed in America every single day in America. The police in all 50 states are comprised of 99.9% honest, hard-working public servants who risk life and limb every day to protect people of all ethnic backgrounds. And sadly many police die in the line of duty protecting the people. Every fallen officer has a family, and they are silent, ignored victims of violent criminals.

But instead of honoring those who risk it all to protect and serve their communities, the players who are kneeling during the anthem are being used by evil people to denigrate the Stars and Stripes and the President.

The racial strife this dog-and-pony show has agitated is the end result the rabid dogs in the media glom on to and claim that the division is Trump’s fault. But that is pure bullshit. The media would blame this on Trump regardless of the facts. The narrative of the media is dictated by the corporate globalist elitists that are rapidly attacking the foundation of America in much the same way they attacked the Twin Towers of the WTC in 2001.


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