Suddenly September: Is judgment upon the U.S.? Should it be?

People may be wondering why God lets things happen, like Harvey’s assault on Texas for instance.

And some are speculating that the floods in Texas are a judgment upon this nation.

Well, according to scripture, judgments follow rebellion against God. Judgments could be thought of as almost a parental form of discipline upon an unruly child. Think of them as “course corrections” for a people who’ve embraced sin, and forsaken God’s law.

Some will immediately become indignant at the prospect that disasters such as Harvey, Katrina and powerful earthquakes are acts of capriciousness on the part of an angry God.

I must instead look at  it as a veil of protection being removed because of sin and rebellion. America had a veil of protection over it from our earliest days as a nation.

We’ll pursue this line of thought, and try to reasonably bat around the idea that bad behavior demands punishment throughout human history.

America is not immune to that, is it?

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