March 2nd, 2018: The Friday Extravaganza w/ the Colonel

A final goodbye to Billy Graham, a Nor’easter in…the North-East(heh), and a large swath of the conservative world is still scratching heads and wondering who that man in the Oval Office is and what he has done with the guy on the campaign trail in 2016? Join JJ McCartney and the Colonel LIVE from 3 […]

Friday Extravaganza withj the Mysterious Colonel

Friday February 23rd 2018 The FRIDAY EXTRA with the Mysterious Colonel and  wrap on the week’s significant news Join JJ and the Colonel LIVE from 3-5pm ET for the official wrap on the week that was. Plus a special tribute to Billy Graham, and why many cretins have chosen to besmirch Graham now that he […]

Thursday February 22nd 2018- Michael Cutler on Joe Piscopo??

Thuirsday February 22nd 2018 CNN FAKE NEWS…they DID IT AGAIN!! CNN is such a worthless FAKE NEWS outlet that it boggles the mind that they are still in business, or even allowed to propagate the lies and the deceptive manner they manipulate everything about their so-called news broadcasts. JJ has the latest details on the […]