Thursday December 5th 2019: Unhinged Lunatic Dems beginning to unravel fully

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: The leftists in control of the House of Representatives have adopted their all-NAZI tactics as people from the mainstream are beginning to dismiss impeachment as a huge waste of time, money and opportunities to actually do their jobs. The presstitutes in the mainstream media are continuing to propel this […]

Monday December 2nd 2019: The Monday Rundown LIVE with JJ McCartney

Today we talk about Joe Biden’s Disastrous trip to Iowa, and the bizarre bunny-trails of “Uncle Joe” which should only serve to bolster his opponents. Plus the new democrat coup takes aim not just at President Trump, but at free-market Capitalism and at toppling the world economy! And we discover once and for all how […]

Thursday November 21st 2019: A day for INTOLERANCE!! LIVE 3-5pm ET

Thursday November 21st 2019:   A day for Intolerance! After years of patience, kindness, and pursuing a mission to show love to the world through ouir testimonies and passionate defense of our moral standards, we find that the left is under no such stricture when it comes to civility, politeness and ethical couth-ness. And so, […]

Friday November 1st 2019- The Friday Extravaganza – Unmasking the Mysterious Colonel

The Great Unmasking: The Mysterious Colonel   Join us LIVE for the Friday Extravaganza as we welcome back the Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin! We’ll treat the impeachment narrative with all the disdain it deserves and more! Plus with the holidays just around the corner, we’ve got great gift ideas, especially for you pet owners! […]

Happy birtthday, Dad! Thursday October 31st 2019 LIVE 3-5pm ET

The JJ McCartney Show is LIVE weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio! Today, JJ recalls the wit, wisdom and life of his father on this, what would have been his 93rd birthday. JJ’s dad(Homer) was a sailor, a Police Sergeant, a great cook, baker and a GREAT gardener. […]