Wednesday December 12th 2018 Show guest: IQ Al Rassooli

Trump, Border wall favored by Americans. Globalist corporate Media Ignores. Join JJ McCartney LIVE with guest IQ Al Rassooli from 3-5pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio Have we actually reached a point in America where our government, and the culture no longer c0ncerns itself with what the CITIZENS of the nation think, […]

Monday December 3rd 2018: The Monday Rundown: News and Comment

Join us LIVE today(M0nday) fr0m 3 to 5pm ET, Noon to 2pm Pacific, 11a-1pm Alaska time for Today’s edition of the M0nday Rundown.   And Just FYI, the schools in the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska will be off for the entire week as families clean up after last Friday’s 7.0 earthquake and the subsequent mess […]

Friday November 30th 2018 Anchorage Alaska Earthquake

As you may know, I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I got a text message this morning from my brother, who told me they just had a major earthquake, and that power was out throughout the city. Anchorage is home to about 400,000 people, and the entire are is home to roughly 550,000 […]

Wednesday May 9th Al Rassooli + Trump pulls US out of horrid Iran Nuke Deal

The Trump Card- Wins every time! Mueller’s abuse of his roll as special investigator may soon come to an end! Say what you will, but there can be no arguing that the impact on America’s working people of the Trump policies at home and abroad are beginning to pay dividends. Americans are happier, more confident, […]

Friday May 4th 2018 JJ + The Colonel + Hawaii volcano blows, + the economy booms!

Finally Friday!! Friday…that day the week culminates in sighs of relief and offices full of daydreaming weekend warriors! Join JJ and the Colonel as we discuss the latest developments in the news, as Hawaii’s Kilauea erupts, prompting thee evacuation of residents in or near the path of the lava flow. Meanwhile,. A federal judge on […]

Monday April 9th Arizona troops to border, Fascist California senator wants state fact-checkers to approve online content

California state senator suggest a sttae-run fact-checker to filter/approve online content. James Woods: “Scratch a Liberal, find a Fascist!”   Weekend fire at Trump Tower: 1 dead, several injured. Zuckerberg wavers as pro-Trump social media stars Diamond and Silk slam Facebook’s ‘unsafe’ tag Doctors mistakenly embalm patient alive Spring can Wait: MLB Baseball game cancelled […]

The Friday Extravaganza with the Mysterious Colonel

Friday arrives like a tall glass of ice water in a cold sub-zero blizzard! Join JJ McCartney and the Mysterious Colonel as we wrap up the week with all the news that’s NOT fit to print! The roller-coaster ride you can only truly experience if you have invested your life savings in the stock market! […]