Tuesday March 6th 2018 Dr. Mark Davis, Nunberg loose cannon

Bizarre media blitz by former Trump aide defies all sense.   In an interview with MSNBC, Sam Nunberg said he’d refuse to comply with the “ridiculous” subpoena from Mueller. He said it would be “really funny” if Mueller arrested him for ignoring his subpoena and that “my lawyer is about to dump me right now.” […]

Monday March 5th 2018 Fukushima update, plus DEFENDING Alex Jones!

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: DEFENDING Alex Jones, as CNN(supposedly a news channel of some sort which nobody watches), has decided instead of being a news repoorting organization to instead go on the attack, against Infowars and Alex Jones. They have gone so far as to contact advertisers on Alex Jones’s YouTube channel, to […]

Thursday February 22nd 2018- Michael Cutler on Joe Piscopo??

Thuirsday February 22nd 2018 CNN FAKE NEWS…they DID IT AGAIN!! CNN is such a worthless FAKE NEWS outlet that it boggles the mind that they are still in business, or even allowed to propagate the lies and the deceptive manner they manipulate everything about their so-called news broadcasts. JJ has the latest details on the […]

FACT: MSNBC, CNN gleefully bought in to fake Russian anti-Trump rallies

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we’ll visit with Dr. and author Mark Davis! We’ll detail the manner with which fake news channels MSNBC and CNN gleefully participated in the Fake Russia-generated Anti-Trump rallies, and how little effort was expended determining who was sponsoring and underwriting the fake rallies. Also, Victor Orban has been a […]

Don’t panic! Stock slide represents market correction/profit-taking after historic year.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Memo release vindicates Trump, exposes Deep State corruption of Obama/Clinton Wall Street Roller-coaster ride: Why you shouldn’t panic! Eagles crash Brady’s geriatric coronation, steal his crown! Shaken Brady Syndrome: Timberlake half-time THUD! Prince fans outraged at JT’s tacky “tribute”. Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for The […]