Wednesday May 6th 2020: IQ Al Rassooli LIVE 3-5pm ET Quarantine Fatigued Yet?

JJ McCartney is LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET with IQ Al Rassooli and all the latest news on the ridiculous quarantines and lock-downs stifling world economies, and squashing people’s constitutional rights every day. And now the really BIG question: Have the lock-downs worked in any way protecting people? OR are they simply being […]

Monday May 4th 2020: JJ is BACK with MORE to say! LIVE 3-5pm ET

JJ McCartney is BACK after a much needed week on break! The news…there isn’t really MUCH new, but what is new is very relevant to all PATRIOTS and Constitution-loving citizens. Elections: Dems are pushing for mail-in ballots. Why this must NEVER become law. Pandemic: MASSIVE FRAUD in New York as deaths are falsely being attributed […]

Wednesday April 22nd 2020: IQ Al Rassooli and BUSTING the NARRATIVE

BUSTING the FAKE NARRATIVE once and for all!! IQ Al Rassooli joins JJ McCartney as we continue to demolish the fake narrative about Covid-19, falsified death records, and the massive shakedown for cash that is the Pandemic. Plus now that President Trump has been made aware of the way that Anthony Fauci circumvented the law […]

Friday April 17th 2020: The Friday Extravaganza, just for the DEPLORABLES

While most reasonable people agree it is time to start re-opening America’s economy and ending the draconian rules imposed by some power-crazed leftists, there is one Democrat, Joe Biden, who decided the only thing that needs to be open is his MOUTH. Biden channeled Hillary by trashing Trump supporters, claiming that we think all Mexicans […]

Friday April 3rd 2020: Friday Extravaganza w/the Colonel and Trade Martin

Shocking information today on The JJ McCartney Show proves how ridiculously over-stated the Coronavirus outbreak is in the mainstream media, and why YOU should turn them all off! For example, JJ shares a number that might surprise the lame-stream media in it’s simple factual baseline which nobody in the fourth estate bothers to observe. Prepare […]

Thursday March 26th 2020: JJ McCartney’s news and comment LIVE and LIFELIKE!!

JJ McCartney’s News and Comment is LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET as JJ dissects all the latest news and shares an extraordinary message of hope, optimism and FAITH in GOD as the dooms-day-ers and nay-say-ers continue to try to scare the faithless and hopeless into rigid compliance with authoritarian local governments in the […]

Holy Stimulus Package, Batman!! Trump White House hammers out deal with Dems

$2 Trillion Stimulus deal reached, Stocks soar. President eyes Easter as a goal for restoring normalcy after unprecedented pandemic lockdowns. Democrat Governors vow NOT to re-open for business any time soon, as they would rather politicize than prioritize recovery. One thing is certain: Restoring business-as-usual is an absolute moral and fiscal and psychological IMPERATIVE for […]

Friday March 20th 2020: The Mysterious Colonel returns to the Friday Extravaganza

The Mysterious Colonel returns to the Friday Extravaganza with JJ McCartney and Trade Martin after a prolonged absence! Join as we discuss the Kung Flu, as hipsters are now calling it. Some are calling it the Beer Bug. Still others are referring to it in less colorful terms. But it’s on everybody’s minds these days, […]