Tuesday September 25th 2018 Dr. Mark Davis + Dems pathetic reboot of the Anita Hill stunt in 1991 is an epic FAIL

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Tired old Democrat STUNT is an EPIC FAIL. Republicans see an unusually large BOUNCE, now Gallup sees gains as mid-term election approaches. Democrats slump as most adults see through antics of rage-filled lefties. We’ll save the details for the actual; show, but Republicans have every reason to be confident as we approach November. Kavanaugh’s attention […]

Friday May 11th 2018 TGIF with the Mysterious Colonel!

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The Friday EXTRAVAGANZA with the Mysterious Colonel!! This week in the news: North Korea frees 3 American prisoners! Trump pulls US out of Iran Nuke “Deal” Economy BOOMING Did Mueller leak confidential information to Stormy’s attorney? Who is PAYING for Stormy’s attorney, anyway? PLUS: MORE Clinton/Lynch Tartmac meeting records! Join us LIVE from 3 to […]

September 11, 2017: 16 years after, America’s biggest threat? Slumbering patriots.

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With the news media reeling after back-to-back major hurricanes, it would be very easy to glaze over the 16th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 terror attacks on America. But that is not our problem, it’s theirs. 9/11 should always command reverent remembrance. The years since 9/11, America has been duped into fighting a long, protracted war […]