Monday June 29th 2020: The Monday Rundown plus JJ talks about the future

  Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio as we talk about what happened over the weekend, and JJ talks about the future of The JJ McCartney Show, and of the YouTube and Facebook pages. Plus we are looking for volunteers to help us produce a […]

Wednesday June 17th 2020: IQ Al Rassooli LIVE with JJ McCartney!

Join JJ McCartney and IQ Al Rassooli LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for a lively Wedfnesday broadcast, as we catch up on current events and discuss the utter insanity which drives everything the political left does and thinks. And, contrary to recent opinions is not a recent development, but has driven their idiotic politics […]

Monday June 1st, 2020: JJ’s plea to American Christian Patriots

from May 31 2020: A Christian Patriot’s appeal for our nation by JJ McCartney There comes a time when good people must form a pact with one another to answer a call to prevail over great evil in our midst. For far too long, Americans have tolerated evils in our nation because Human nature tends […]

FREEDOM Special Tuesday 05-26-2020 Bureaucratic Doublespeak 101

Welcome to Freedom Tuesday at The JJ McCartney Show! Today JJ explains why socialized medicine will and can NEVER work! And while the bureaucrats try to cover their own behinds, customers fall through the cracks, run out of medicines, are denied reasonable service and, in some cases die waiting for care that never comes. This […]

Monday May 4th 2020: JJ is BACK with MORE to say! LIVE 3-5pm ET

JJ McCartney is BACK after a much needed week on break! The news…there isn’t really MUCH new, but what is new is very relevant to all PATRIOTS and Constitution-loving citizens. Elections: Dems are pushing for mail-in ballots. Why this must NEVER become law. Pandemic: MASSIVE FRAUD in New York as deaths are falsely being attributed […]

Thursday April 23rd 2020: JJ wonders aloud: Where did all the PATRIOTS go?

Considering all the freedoms and rights trampled on by governors, mayors and police, do we even HAVE a Constitutional Republic any more, or was it all an illusion?? The Covid-19 Pandemic has tested America to it’s foundation, quite literally. The foundation of our civil society is the Constitution. And the Bill of Rights is the […]