Monday April 5th 2021 Monday Rundown with JJ McCartney LIVE 3-5pm ET

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for The JJ McCartney Show MONDAY RUNDOWN. We’ll cover what you might have missed over the weekend, plus breaking news and commentary you will only find from JJ McCartney. Hear us LIVE at Red State Talk Radio, and on or watch the live stream on […]

The Friday Extravaganza LIVE 03-05-2021 The party starts HERE!!

JJ McCartney, The Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin bring you the FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA, as we scour the news, make sarcastic commentary and enjoy some fine conversation! Join us every Friday for this one-of-a-kind talkradio show. JJ McCatrtney is LIVE weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET at and

Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 JJ McCartney and friends LIVE

JJ McCartney rocks the house with another blockbuster episode as we tell truth, and expose the lies of the left with great proclivity! JJ catches up with Mark in Oregon as we shake our heads at the folly of so many things the posers at 1600 are up to, and their enablers in the media […]

Tuesday March 2nd 2021: Caravan to Midnight’s John B. Wells

JJ McCartney was John B. Well’s guest Monday night on Caravan to Midnight. The conversation was very stimulating and thought-provoking. Hear our gab-fest, plus breaking news from Texas! JJ McCartney is LIVE weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET at Red State Talk Radio, and streaming live on Facebook and YouTube. Please support our show […]

The New JJ McCartney Show: Further into the facts and the FAKE BIDEN illusion.

It’s FRIDAY and we are planning on a great show today as we discuss things which range from GUNS and the 2nd Amendment to GAMESTOP(A brewing SCANDAL that reveals the arrogance of the oligarchy) and we also discuss the incredible global shake-up that is, at this point, inevitable. The whole world is waiting for the […]

And so it begins…Google flags US as UN-SAFE?

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 4 to 6pm ET at Red State Talk Radio and for the Friday Extravaganza. The wrap-up of this insane, tumultuous week, when America’s most sacrosanct institution of Citizen voting rights and integrity were violated, undermined and ultimately betrayed by a house full of Benedict Arnolds and a Senate full […]

January 6th, 2021: And to the Republic for which it stood…

Please let this phrase sink in: “And to the Republic for which it STOOD”. Today, conservatively, at least several HUNDRED THOUSAND people rallied in the nation’s capital to attempt to set right the off-the-rails electoral process which was, factually speaking, stolen by the corrupt and evil taskmasters, Barack Obama and George Soros, with the aid […]