Friday Extravaganza: Insanity rules the Left! Media frothing at possibility of ANOTHER Hildebeast run in 2020, and a polio-like disease has once again surfaced in the US, parylizing as many as 100 children(but by all means, let’s keep acceptying unvetted refugees and allow thousands of illegals to POUR in ACROSS OUR SOUTHERN BORDER)

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INSANITY RULES the Left! As the the November electio0n approaches, Democrats are doubling down on insanity. Between mindless Soros-funded zombies and violent mobs(Soros Brownshirts from Antifa) Democrats have gone all-in on incivility, threats, assaults, even assaults on GOP CANDIDATES in Minnesota. And their ringleaders are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters. This is beyond […]

Nikki Haley resigns UN post effective 12/31/2018 Trump lauds her stint as Ambassador. Plus Dr. Mark Davis LIVE

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Hurricane Michael sets sights on Florida panhandle, other gulf coast areas on alert. Dr. Mark Davis will join us LIVE as we discuss the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation, and the sleazy way the democrats are trying to tear down our national institutions through subversive Saul Alinsky tactics and Soros money. In spite of their […]

Tuesday September 25th 2018 Dr. Mark Davis + Dems pathetic reboot of the Anita Hill stunt in 1991 is an epic FAIL

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Tired old Democrat STUNT is an EPIC FAIL. Republicans see an unusually large BOUNCE, now Gallup sees gains as mid-term election approaches. Democrats slump as most adults see through antics of rage-filled lefties. We’ll save the details for the actual; show, but Republicans have every reason to be confident as we approach November. Kavanaugh’s attention […]

Monday September 24th 2018 The Monday Rundown BOMBSHELL: Rosenstein OUT? Deep State conspiracy to take down Trump entering it’s death-throes?

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As with the old-school journalists of yesteryear, it has been my historical observation that every huge news story starts with one courageous reporter asking the right questions, and then like a bloodhound, once they find a scent of a stpory, they pursue it with dogged determination until the target has been found, or the hound […]