Monday March 23rd 2020: The nature of the Beast: Pastor Carl Gallups joins JJ

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio with our special guest Pastor and bestselling author Carl Gallups, as we discuss his new book, “Masquerade”(prepare for the greatest Con-job in History) We’ll talk about the deception, in the context of the days we are living in, and […]

In voting for impeachment of Trump, Democrats in House commit high treason

One Patriot’s perspective: The atmosphere in American Politics has been polluted perhaps irreparably by the raw hatred of partisan Democrats and their Deep State cronies. As I put this yesterday: The most revolutionary act we, the People can take is what we did three years ago in electing President Donald Trump.   Clearly the Deep-Staters […]

Thursday: Open Lines, the Definition of real talk radio!!

Talk Radio. The way it was intended. Open Lines today on The JJ McCartney Show means whatever is on your mind becomes the topic of the moment! Are we ready in this nation for a truly interactive show that doesn’t simply engage in one-way conversation? I think so! How about you? Join us LIVE from […]

Tuesday: The lefty’s latest cooked-up “issue”: Those poor illegals being separated from their kids… Bleeding heart media in concert with one another, and the kooky former first-ladies in lock-step obedience to Oprah.

JJ McCartney comes to you LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET with The JJ McCartney Show. Today, the ridiculous, contrived, and fake news story painting President Trump as a heartless meanie who is out to separate illegal alien parents from their illegal alien kids. So, the illegals are here illegally, so that makes them criminals […]