TGIF? Hamas-led march on Gaza Border, Catholic controversy: Pope said WHAT??

Good Friday- March 30th 2018: JJ and the Colonel talk about the Friday that Changed the World Forever. The latest news, commentary and conversation LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio Watch live streaming video from 3-5pm ET here at or

A brief word of Christian encouragement

The scripture is clear. Nobody knows the day or the hour of Jesus’ return. People need to stop trying to predict the day of His coming. We must live each day as if it could be the day. Let Him find us busy doing His work. Witness to the people about the glorious resurrection, which […]

The Great Radio Show makes a comeback!

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET today on The JJ McCartney Show as JJ covers the relevant news of the day, from the deep-state plotters in the GOP pledging to reject Judge Roy Moore if he is elected to fill the senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. to the fears of a worldwide […]