EXCLUSIVE! JJ McCartney talks with Franken accuser Melanie Morgan LIVE

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: JJ speaks LIVE with one of the accusers of Minnesota Senator Al Franken, Melanie Morgan LIVE   Melanie Morgan is an award-winning radio talk show host, author, columnist, journalist, TV anchor and independent reality TV producer. In 2017, Morgan became co-host of YourVoice America, which airs Wednesday nights on […]

Return of the Friday Extravaganza with The Mysterious Colonel!

The Colonel returns to the Friday broadcast! Join us for the Friday Extravaganza with the Mysterious Colonel! We’ll chat with our West Point insider and discuss all the latest news, from the rash of sexual misconduct allegations(in Bill Clintons case, sexual misconduct often leads to rashes!)! From Al Franken to Harvey Weinstein to Gropin-Joe Biden, […]